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Why partner with Jola for mobile data?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 18-May-2022 14:33:40

Jola is a multi-award-winning mobile data aggregator, which means we offer services from all the major UK networks and hundreds of networks globally. We sell a wide range of options, including Fixed IP and Private APN, and we are a well-established, channel-only company. On average, we launch two new products and product extensions every month, so you will always have a differentiated offering and avoid being commoditised. We have our own IP addresses and number ranges, and our superfast HA network runs over Cloudflare, the world’s #1 DDOS protection company. We operate in many different vertical markets with market-leading specialists, so we understand the specific needs of each vertical and can help you productise your proposition. We give you complete control over your global SIM estate with Mobile Manager, which has been developed over eight years into an award-winning, market leading portal. If you choose, your customers can also have access to our white-label portal so they can see directly how much data they are using in each device and make decisions accordingly. We help you uncover opportunities and win them with solutions end users just cannot buy from anyone else. Our objective is to help you reduce churn, increase ARPU and improve the overall value of your business.

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Going to Channel Live this year?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 16-Mar-2022 19:22:52

Channel Live

Jola is exhibiting at Channel Live with a wide range of differentiated mobile data solutions and PSTN replacement solutions. Jola will be highlighting the mobile data opportunity and demonstrating how resellers can quickly find and win opportunities within their customer bases.

Mobile Manager

Jola will be demonstrating their multi-award-winning management portal, Mobile Manager, which is the only fully automated portal in the channel giving resellers complete control over their global SIM estate in real-time.


Jola has created a competitively priced, UK IP addressed, un-steered roaming SIM. Private APN options are also available where traffic is securely managed within the DDOS-protected Jola network.

PSTN Replacement Solutions

Jola’s PSTN replacement packages are the perfect solution for MSPs, ISPs and resellers looking for a slick wholesale solution, managed end-to-end via a real-time fully API integrated portal.


For those Jola partners with their own networks and interconnects, Jola offers access to a variety of SIMs and tariffs over Layer 2. This provides seamless failover for Ethernet and broadband services using their own IP addresses. We also have fantastic big data rates for pre-Ethernet.

The Mobile Data Opportunity

At 2pm on Wednesday 30th March in Theatre 3 Jola will be presenting a session on the Mobile Data opportunity. Using case studies, Lee Broxson, CSO, Jola will explain the mobile data opportunity and how high ARPUs, and good margins can be achieved.

MSP Viewpoint

Come and listen to our CSO, Lee Broxson at 3.45 pm on Wednesday 30th March on the panel debate: MSP Viewpoint: Moving forward from the Pandemic. taking place in Theatre 3.

Next Generation Telecoms Workforce

Come and listen to our CMO, Cherie Howlett, at 11.15am on Wednesday 30th March on the panel debate: How to Attract More Women in The Next Generation Telecoms Workforce, which is taking place in Theatre 3, Channel Live at the NEC.

Preparing for the PSTN Switch-off

Come and listen to our CEO Andrew Dickinson at 1.25 pm on Thursday 31st March 22 on the panel debate: Preparing for the PSTN Switch-off. It's in Theatre 2 at the Channel Live Exhibition at the NEC.

Come and see us on Stand 230

Entry is free. To register click here: 

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Unlimited voice and data

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 16-Oct-2019 14:07:13

Mobile retailers Vodafone, O2, EE and Three are currently advertising unlimited voice and data packages for businesses on their websites.

Is the data truly unlimited?

The short answer is no. If you read the small print, the mobile networks have set data usage limits per month. Some limit the number of devices that can be tethered, others will limit the amount of bandwidth available, which slows downloads and restricts usage.

Are there any other catches?

Some of the retail mobile operators are offering 12 and 24 month plans with a discounted rate for the first 6 months.

Do I need unlimited data?

That’s the big question, and the answer in most cases is no. If you’re streaming multiple hours of video each day over mobile data, or using mobile data to download large files then you might, but for most users 20GB is fine. The danger of buying unlimited for some businesses is that they will simply pay too much.

What can the channel learn from this?

The channel should partner with a wholesale supplier that can provide a range of competitive voice and data SIMs, which allow them to compete with the single offerings from retail mobile operators. They need to add value by helping their customers choose the right package for their business, by understanding their usage and pitching solutions to meet their exact requirements.

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Posted by Cherie Howlett on 04-Sep-2019 11:21:41

The opportunity

4G devices that roam in the EU, such as 4G WiFi routers in yachts, need to connect to the strongest 4G signal available. According to recent European Boating Industry statistics, there are over six million recreational craft in EU waters at any one time.

Devices that always need connectivity, such as monitoring devices inside containers, need SIMs which provide users with good connectivity, wherever they roam. There are over 20 million shipping containers worldwide.


Pay-Per-GB SIMs are un-steered, so have no preferred network, and connect to the strongest 4G signal available. These SIMs connect to multiple mobile networks in many EU countries. Resellers only pay the standard per GB price for additional roaming data, above the monthly allowance.

PPG SIMs offer resellers and their customers a much more flexible and predictable cost when roaming in the EU. Even if the primary and secondary network fail, a multi-network SIM will continue to operate seamlessly.

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4G in Physical Security

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 03-Jul-2019 14:19:31

The UK Security System Services market consists of 2,203 businesses, employing over ten thousand employees, generating £1.4bn in revenue with an annual growth of 11.8%. Factors driving growth are concerns over a rise in crime and the threat of terrorism. Businesses are upgrading security systems and Governments are focussing on national security. 

Security specialists are investing in 4G to provide internet connectivity in rural locations, where 4G speeds are fast and fixed line services are slow. 4G CCTV is growing in popularity, as they don’t require direct power or a WiFi connection. 

4G Broadband

4G broadband packages are available, providing WiFi connection with up to 300GB monthly data allowance, on short-term contracts.

Managed 4G WiFi

Pre-configured 4G routers are available with next-day delivery, with a choice of contract terms for companies who want to monitor data usage and avoid bill shock.

4G Failover

Wireless 4G connectivity provides a powerful failover solution, ensuring there is a connection to central databases and systems if the fixed line fails. It can also provide primary connectivity in rural locations where fixed line speeds are not sufficient.

Many organisations use 4G for temporary connectivity initially, while they wait for the fixed line to be installed, and then continue to use it for failover afterwards – maximising the return on their investment.


Data SIMs with static IP addresses within 4G routers allow users to access their CCTV camera footage, when fixed line connectivity is not available. Un-steered multi-network roaming SIM packages always connect to the strongest signal. External antenna can increase signal strength and routers are generally pre-configured for a plug-and play solution, that works in every location.

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What is the difference between M2M and IoT?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 29-Jan-2019 16:49:36

M2M (Machine to Machine) is how machines use a network to connect to each other, without the need for human intervention. M2M involves connecting devices to the cloud, managing devices and collecting data. M2M is about connecting and communicating with a machine that can send and receive data such as a device or sensor.

IoT is the network of connected devices. Things connecting with systems, people and applications.

Simply put M2M provides the connectivity that offers capability to IoT.

How much is this market worth?

Forbes estimate that the global IoT market will be worth £352bn by the end of 2020. According to GrowthEnabler & Markets and Markets analysis, the global IoT market share will be dominated by three sub-sectors; Smart Cities (26%), Industrial IoT (24%) and Connected Health (20%). Followed by Smart Homes (14%), Connected Cars (7%), Smart Utilities (4%) and Wearables (3%).

How does this growth affect MSPs?

The potential for new recurring revenue is significant. Experienced providers, set up to manage complex solutions, have the opportunity to establish themselves as M2M/IoT authorities, winning multi-national opportunities from within their existing base and from competitors.

As solutions go live, data needs to be collected and analysed in meaningful ways to the business. Many will use third parties for systems and data analytics to interpret data, to be used to process changes and launch new products and services.

Security is a major concern for many MSPs, particularly when processing sensitive data such as financial transactions. MSPs who already deliver managed security services, or can partner with third party data security companies, will have an advantage.

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4G Data Opportunity – CCTV

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 27-Nov-2018 12:38:39


According to a recent report by Nester, the global electronic security market is expected to be worth £104.5 billion by the end of 2024. Predicted growth is being driven by increasing demand for safety and surveillance systems.

The market is segmented by product type such as; video; surveillance systems; intrusion alarm systems; fire alarm systems; access control systems; CCTV; electronic article surveillance and detection systems; electrified door hardware; hybrid video recorder and network video recorder.

The CCTV segment has the highest predicted growth, due to increased utilisation in newly constructed buildings and offices.


Partners who sell security solutions are partnering with companies like Jola, for a wide range of 4G data packages for their pre-configured 4G routers. Data SIMs with static IP addresses within 4G routers allow users to access their CCTV camera footage when fixed line connectivity is not available, for example on construction sites and in remote areas.

Partners use engineers to test the signal strength in each location to advise on the best 4G network to connect to. Multi-network roaming SIM packages are popular as they always connect to the strongest signal. External antenna can increase signal strength and routers are generally pre-configured for a plug-and play solution.

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4G Data Opportunity – Push to Talk

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 21-Nov-2018 10:14:07

According to a recent report by Market Research Hub (MRH), the global Push-To-Talk market is due to grow 10.3% annually for the next eight years. Push to Talk (PTT) is a service that enables users to instantly communicate. Users activate this feature by pushing a button on a device.

Two-way walkie-talkie radio technology, frequently used by police officers, engineers, truckers and taxi drivers is being upgraded to 4G. This has created an opportunity for resellers, who are already familiar with selling 4G data solutions. However, suppliers are finding identifying the strongest 4G signal for each device challenging.

Jola provides a wide range of 4G data SIM packages, including cost-effective multi-network roaming packages, controlled within Mobile Manager. Our multi-network SIMs roam to the strongest signal in each area. Our white label management portal allows partners to place orders, manage SIMs, usage and alerts. Private APNs can add an extra layer of security.

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Smart transport networks

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 07-Nov-2018 12:40:45

According to a recent report by Transport Focus, passengers listed value for money, punctuality, Wi-Fi connectivity and safety, as their main priorities. These factors are driving a rise in demand for smart transport networks around the world, creating 4G data opportunities the channel is well-placed to provide.

Smart transport networks offer significant benefits to passengers, operators and local authorities, enabling urban services to become more efficient, effective and safer. Cities from London to Singapore are already building them. Madrid is leading the way, with a central control room that receives and integrates data from 40 urban control rooms. They cover over 100 bus routes, 300 railway lines and 200,000 cameras, delivering end-to-end surveillance and security solutions.

There are many experienced providers offering end-to-end solutions to the transport industry, involving 4G routers and cameras. Trams, buses and trains are tracked, and arrival times accurately estimated and advertised, factoring in potential delays. These devices need 4G data SIMs, often with a fixed IP. On average there are seven SIMs per bus, for logging into the cameras to download relevant footage, Wi-Fi, secure card payments, passenger trackers, applications tracking hours worked, petrol levels and miles travelled.

Challenges faced by solutions providers

Service providers face a few challenges with 4G. Some networks are stronger than others in specific locations requiring relationships with multiple network providers. Secondly, they have no way of tracking data usage and if devices use more than their allocated monthly allowance, they get high data overage charges. Thirdly, they need a secure channel for transmitting financial data.

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Overcoming challenges supplying SIMs to large corporates

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 31-Oct-2018 11:13:51

The challenges

Resellers providing SIM cards to large corporates often contract with more than one supplier. Their biggest challenges are lack of automation, lack of control and billing issues. Orders need to be placed and chased via email. Resellers have no way of knowing when SIMs go live and data used, until they receive their bill, which can often be late. This results in customers complaining about high data overage charges.

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