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Jola launches RoamNet Voice

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 13-Mar-2024 12:15:01

Jola, the first company to establish an eSIM data MVNO dedicated to the channel in 2019, has gone one step further by including voice and SMS with their brand new global MVNO – RoamNet Voice.  Using a single UK number, customers of Jola’s 1400+ partners can access multiple networks in the UK and Ireland, for voice, data and SMS. This innovative roaming product can be steered or un-steered and is available via eSIM, triple-cut plastic SIM and, uniquely, a simple QR code.

Their first QR implementation saw thousands of demonstration handsets go live in minutes simply by using the phone’s camera to scan a single QR code. There is no alternative quite like RoamNet Voice on the market, and certainly nothing else available to resellers and MSPs. 

Jola partners now have a genuinely differentiated product to win against the Mobile Networks with great recurring margins and the real-time management and control of Mobile Manager.

“One of the great benefits of being a channel-only, independently run company within the Wireless Logic group is that we can quickly productise solutions for the channel using existing networks. RoamNet Voice combines a true roaming SIM with a UK mobile phone number and the flexibility of our fully managed voice network. RoamNet is the most cost-effective multi-network solution we offer and competes with similar offerings from the MNOs.” Adrian Sunderland CEO, Jola.

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4G in Distribution

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 18-Nov-2021 13:27:50

A shift towards online shopping has driven demand for fulfilment and distribution centres. These new spaces require reliable connectivity. Where no existing fibre is available, MSPs are turning to 4G.

MSPs are quoting online retailers for bespoke 4G connectivity packages that meet their exact requirements. They are offering solutions that can be preconfigured and delivered to multiple locations to meet tight deadlines.

MSPs are turning to Jola for their multinetwork roaming SIMs controlled in Mobile Manager.

MSPs partnering with Jola are offering multinetwork solutions. Data is managed within Mobile Manager, an online management portal for ordering and managing SIM estates globally.

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Manageable mobile data for retailers

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 30-Jun-2021 14:29:29

Retailers want fast, reliable, cost-effective internet connectivity in stores for EPOS till systems, kiosks, advertising screens, WiFi etc. They often use 4G as a back-up to a fixed line primary circuit, to ensure business continuity. Retailers are not always sure which network is best in each location, when the 4G back-up will be needed and how much data they will use. Sending engineers to site to establish the strongest signal costs time and money. In addition, they regularly receive high data overage bills, which can be tens of thousands of pounds a month. When a service fails, they often won’t know if it’s the network or the device and are forced to send an engineer to site.

Managed Service Providers are experienced at designing, rolling out and managing solutions however have struggled with the 4G element, managing multiple in-country suppliers, with multiple manual ordering processes and a lack of visibility across the SIM estate. They have had no direct control over SIM assets and no way to aggregate data usage across countries. They want full control over every element of the roll out.

Jola offers a wide range of multi-network roaming SIMs, with aggregated pools, offering multiple terabytes of data across thousands of sites globally. Our multi-network SIMs are un-steered, connect to the strongest available signal and retain connectivity when multiple carrier networks fail.

Mobile Manager is our online management portal for ordering and managing estates of mobile data SIMs. Our white label portal communicates in real-time with multiple 4G networks and can be used by both MSPs and their retailers. Mobile Manager handles SIM activations, ceases, suspensions, reports, alerts and bolt-ons.

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How is Jola helping MSPs servicing the public sector?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 12-Dec-2019 14:32:25

Public sector services in healthcare and blue light services are being encouraged to ‘go digital’ to become more efficient and get the most out of their budgets. MSPs are helping to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions such as;

Smart Devices

Ambulance crews are using tablets containing 4G SIM cards to access online information about medical and traumatic conditions and treatment on the move. They are completing incident forms online and accessing ePCRs and information about healthcare providers and plans.

Police Officers are able to record arrests on body cameras and send content in a live stream to officers nearby for assessment and support.

Smart Communications

Ambulance crews can electronically send details about the patient to the emergency department including appropriate photographs from the scene of the incident e.g. road traffic collision or electrocardiogram readings, to help doctors determine the extent of injury that may have been sustained. This allows staff in the hospital to prepare and be ready to act when the patient arrives.

Mobile forensics

Police are now using mobile fingerprinting systems that allow them to check the identity of an unknown person against a database of 12 million records in less than a minute. Many officers carry hand-held scanners connected to their 4G smartphone, allowing them to scan fingertips. The scans are checked against the database.

Digital interviewing

Many police forces are using digital audio-visual interview equipment and touch screens for custodial interviews. These provide improved access to recording for police, legal representatives and suspects.

Push to Talk Radio

Two-way walkie-talkie radio technology is being upgraded to 4G. This has created an opportunity for partners, who are already familiar with selling 4G data solutions.

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How is Jola helping Solution Providers in the transport industry?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 03-Dec-2019 17:11:29

According to a recent report by Transport Focus, passengers listed value for money, punctuality, Wi-Fi connectivity and safety, as their main priorities. These factors are driving a rise in demand for smart transport networks around the world, creating 4G data opportunities solution providers are well-placed to provide.

Smart transport networks offer significant benefits to passengers, operators and local authorities, enabling urban services to become more efficient, effective and safe. Cities from London to Singapore are already building them. Madrid is leading the way, with a central control room that receives and integrates data from 40 urban control rooms. They cover over 100 bus routes, 300 railway lines and 200,000 cameras, delivering end-to-end surveillance and security solutions.

There are many experienced providers offering end-to-end solutions to the transport industry, involving 4G routers and cameras. Trams, buses and trains are tracked, and arrival times accurately estimated and advertised, factoring in potential delays. These devices need 4G data SIMs, often with a fixed IP or delivered via a secure Private APN. On average there are seven SIMs per bus, for logging into the cameras to download relevant footage, Wi-Fi, secure card payments, passenger trackers, applications tracking hours worked, petrol levels and miles travelled.


Service providers face a few challenges with 4G. Some networks are stronger than others in specific locations requiring relationships with multiple network providers. Secondly, they have no way of tracking data usage and if devices use more than their allocated monthly allowance, they get high data overage charges. Thirdly, they need a secure channel for transmitting financial data.

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Manageable Mobile Data for European Retailers

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 18-Sep-2019 12:01:52

Retailers want fast, reliable, cost-effective internet connectivity in stores for EPOS till systems, kiosks, advertising screens, WiFi etc. They often use 4G as a back-up to a fixed line primary circuit, to ensure business continuity.

MSPs want to win retail bids for European technology roll outs. 4G is often a small element of the bid, but can cause Project Managers headaches, when dealing with multiple in-country suppliers, manual ordering and no visibility of data usage. They want full control over every element of the roll out.

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Quoting bespoke SIM requirements for IoT

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 14-May-2019 13:42:53

As a channel, we are uncovering increasing numbers of mobile data opportunities with bespoke requirements for IoT opportunities. You may have a council wanting to measure traffic flow on busy roads or the availability of car parking spaces in the district. You may also have retailers with 4G back-up requirements in 25 countries in or logistics companies with 4G tracking devices in containers travelling to multiple destinations.

You need to get a competitive quote over quickly to stand a chance of winning the business. By choosing a standard mobile data or M2M package which covers all the countries you require and many more is the quickest option, but may not be competitive enough to win the deal. The other option is to go back to your carrier or wholesale service provider and request a bespoke quote for the size of package you need and the exact countries you need the SIM to work in. The problem with option two is the time it takes for the bespoke quote to be compiled, approved and sent back to you. In both cases you run the risk of not winning the deal.

We had a similar situation years ago with leased lines. Today leased line quoting portals are readily available. You add your postcode and receive quotes from all the major carriers in minutes explaining the best speeds and pricing available. Wouldn’t it be great to have something similar for SIMs?

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