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Who should I partner with for internet connectivity?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 19-Sep-2018 14:05:44

Most suppliers have a quoting tool and say they have the best pricing and support, so how do you choose between them?

Choose someone you know and trust with experience managing multiple carriers and overcoming common issues.

Find someone interconnected with all the major operators, who has a simple tool you can enter a postcode and receive all the options quickly.

Consider someone with an easy ordering platform, which keeps you in the loop automatically, so you can keep your customers informed on order progress.

How can they help you differentiate your services from the competition?


As a team, we have over 70 years’ experience selling white label internet connectivity to the channel. Even if you are an accomplished reseller, it is useful to have someone on your side that really understands the technologies available, who can help to quote custom solutions and overcome common problems.

By partnering with Jola, you can offer a wide range of internet services, can quote customers onsite and provide unique 4G back-up solutions, you can’t buy from anyone else.

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Are you winning leased line opportunities?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 20-Aug-2018 14:55:21

The opportunity

Demand for business internet connectivity in the UK is being driven by the availability of faster more reliable, fibre and Ethernet technologies. Leased line pricing has reduced by up to 50% in the last six months, helping to further fuel demand.

Companies are looking for faster, more reliable internet connectivity to access cloud-hosted applications such as CRM, accountancy and telephony applications. Cloud applications tend to be pay per seat per month and come without the investment in servers and internal management.

Businesses are looking to suppliers to advise them on what is available and expect the best possible price, smooth installations and excellent technical support. Are your customers coming to you for leased line quotes? If not, why not?


Who to partner with for leased lines?

IT and telecoms providers are looking for suppliers that can offer them the widest choice of carrier services at best possible pricing with tools to make quoting and ordering easy. They are looking for experienced providers who understand the carrier installation processes and potential barriers to sale, such as lead times, wayleave and excess construction charges. Who do you partner with for leased lines? Are they competitive? Do they offer a quick and easy quoting tool?

Quoting Tools

One tool which delivers best pricing from multiple suppliers displaying all technologies available in minutes is useful when quoting solutions. They are fast, accurate and easy to order from. You can quote customers on-site, during a meeting.

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Best way to compare Ethernet leased lines

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 18-Jul-2016 11:05:31

If you supply business communications or support to SMEs, you may have seen a rise in interest for Ethernet leased lines recently, as some prices have reduced by up to 23%.

There has never been a better time to get your customers connected. Supplying a quality internet connection to your customers keeps the competition at bay and opens up a world of upsell opportunities including hosted Exchange, cloud back-up, hosted desktop and hosted telephony.

What is the best way to compare ethernet leased lines?

Jola has an Ethernet leased line quoting tool which allows users to enter a customer postcode and receive a quotation for the best priced connectivity options, from all the main network providers. Pricing is available for dealers working on a 50/50 margin share basis and for resellers who bill end users and set their own margins.

Should you uncover a requirement whilst visiting customers you can log into the leased line quoting tool on your mobile and produce a quote for them there and then in minutes.


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5 reasons to partner with Jola for connectivity

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 05-Jul-2016 18:05:28

1 Experience

As a team we have over 70 years’ experience in the IP business. Even if you are an accomplished reseller it is useful to have someone on your side that really understands communications and the cloud. We can answer detailed questions and help build and quote custom solutions.

2 One quoting tool for all the major networks

We have access to all the major network operators. Simply enter your customer’s postcode and address and within minutes receive a spreadsheet with the best prices for Fibre, EFM and EoFTTC leased lines from all available network operators.

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Why are engineering firms choosing JolaNet for their leased line?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 20-Jan-2015 12:24:04

Engineering firms located in areas where broadband is slow and unreliable are struggling to communicate and share company information. One local engineering company was recently purchased by a Chinese company who needed access to the corporate network so something had to be done.

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Renewing leased lines

Posted by Andrew Dickinson on 28-Sep-2014 13:45:50

A small dealer came to us to quote on his connectivity business. He had a mature base of leased line customers who were putting him under pressure and the incumbent (and previously enthusiastic) supplier inexplicably refused to return calls and emails. One of their customers was paying around £2000 per month for a 2Mb leased line and we could supply a 20Mb replacement for £200 per month. We would be making a 20% margin on this, putting our cost at around £160. The ISP they were partnering with had not passed on the wholesale price reduction and was probably making around £1800 per month on the 2Mb service - which had been installed for a few years. If they could delay the customer’s decision to move away by a month this would be the equivalent of nearly four years margin at the new price. You can probably see why they might refuse to speak to the end customer or the dealer. Of course the dealer would also be making less commission on the replacement service too but at least he would retain a customer that was also buying several other products and services from him.

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