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What is a fixed IP SIM card?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 04-Feb-2022 16:42:10

A Fixed IP data SIM comes with a static, public IP address. It allows for a two-way connection between the smart device and the Internet.


MultiNet fixed IP versions are also available, which will work on multiple mobile networks. SIMs can be unsteered and will connect to multiple mobile networks.

What are the benefits?

Fixed IP addresses enable inbound Internet connections for CCTV cameras, M2M remote management devices etc.

What are the risks?

Devices can be hacked. Digital signage in train stations and shops have been hacked and their content replaced.

What solutions are available?

Jola has built a fully redundant, highly scalable IP edge network specifically designed to deliver high-performance and secure mobile data services. The network is built on technology from Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare and Cisco and underpins our fixed IP and private APN services. Companies that need remote access to devices require fixed IP SIMs, and Jola has recently launched a range of true MultiNet fixed IP packages to meet this requirement, which are protected from DDOS attacks.

Jola partners use MultiNet fixed IP SIMs in a variety of applications, including vending machines, smart billboards, vehicle tracking and monitoring devices as well as CCTV cameras. Our solutions roam across all four mobile networks in the UK and come with a UK IP address. They are really cost-effective and provide resellers with a reliable and secure connectivity solution for their connected devices.

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