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The Big ISDN/PSTN switch-off

Posted by Andrew Dickinson on 20-Jan-2022 19:41:32

Many SMEs will leave it to the last minute but larger organisations have realised the potential scope of a PSTN/ISDN Replacement project and Jola partners are already seeing tenders from their flagship customers. As with many new technologies, organisations prefer to award these contracts to existing suppliers, but only if they can demonstrate the capability to deliver the entire project.

They usually require three types of IP solution 1) where ISDN and PSTN numbers need to be ported onto a fixed broadband or Ethernet connection 2) where existing numbers need to be ported onto a 4G/4G+/5G mobile broadband connection, and 3) where the requirement is for a mobile broadband connection but a landline number is not required and a 07x number is preferred.

Number porting in the UK is still not a fully matured process and early projects have run into difficulties where the reseller has tried to juggle a number of different suppliers.

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