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How will you benefit from attending Margin in Mobile Online?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 16-Sep-2020 10:22:41

Margin in Mobile Online is a channel event organised by BPL Business Media Ltd, the team behind Comms Dealer, Comms Vision and the Comms National Awards. It is taking place on 16th and 17th September 2020. The event is designed to promote the current opportunity for the channel to get into mobile. It will highlight how easy it is to add mobile to your proposition, differentiate your offering and generate profitable recurring, revenue streams with minimal effort.

There has never been a better time for the channel to be adding mobile solutions to their proposition. During lockdown Jola has recruited 113 new partners selling mobile.

Our SIMs are used in buses, coaches, trains, taxis, homes and offices in 4G routers and IP CCTV cameras. They are used in tracking devices for goods in transit both in the UK and abroad, by road and by sea. They are being used in schools, universities, halls of residence and student accommodations. You can find them on building sites and in new smart homes. We have SIMs in digital signage in well-known supermarkets and on motorways. Our SIMs are used in cranes and lifts as part of safety devices for lone workers at height. They are also found in wind and solar farms around the country. Internationally, our SIMs are used in back-up devices for petrol stations and shops.

In the public sector we have won bids with local authorities for our SIMs to be used in body cameras, push-to-talk radios, personal alarms, monitoring systems, gates, tablets and phones. We believe every reseller has a live opportunity for mobile data within their customer base today and we can set-up and onboard new partners within 5 days.

In our speaking slot on 17th September at 10.30hrs we will introduce our portfolio, which includes unlimited data SIMs and multi-network eSIMs. Our eSIMs are not what you might think. They are not the consumer eSIMs you find in Apple Watches. They are plastic, triple-cut, industrial M2M, eSIM cards or embedded industrial eSIMs. They are cost-effective, multi-network roaming data SIM cards. You may not think there is money to be made in IoT, but in every vertical market, there is an IoT opportunity that needs a SIM card, from vending machines to monitoring devices. IoT SIM card deals tend to be much larger and much stickier and you can win them against the mobile carriers with a differentiated, cost-effective, multi-network, roaming product, that won’t need replacing any time soon. We have partners who are winning deals against the MNOs in retail, the public sector, construction, security and transport and logistics.

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How can we as an industry help support the NHS?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 19-Aug-2020 13:35:11

COVID-19 caused businesses to adapt quickly to remote working, to ensure business continuity during the pandemic. It highlighted a critical need for digital technologies and innovative solutions in healthcare, to cope with increased demand and enforced restrictions.

The healthcare sector is in desperate need of technology to avoid unnecessary visits to surgeries and hospitals and to protect frontline workers. Opportunities for mobile broadband, cloud-based telehealth software and mobile data, flooded the market, as demand for real-time communication and remote monitoring increased.

Patient experience has changed dramatically during the pandemic, with patients encouraged to wait for doctor call backs or arrange a video call. Phone systems are being upgraded, telehealth software is being rolled out and smart devices given to mobile healthcare workers. Some stadiums, hotels and exhibition centres have been turned into pop-up hospitals and the channel was called upon to set up communications and monitoring equipment.

Jola partners have been providing fast, reliable mobile broadband connections, telephony solutions and M2M/IoT data SIMs for monitoring devices and CCTV cameras, managed in Mobile Manager.

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4G Back-up for ISPs

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 12-Aug-2020 10:35:46

ISPs have been looking for an efficient and inexpensive, 4G back-up product, and a solution for remote endpoints on SDWAN and MPLS networks. Until now there has only been device-based layer 3 or VPN products to choose from.


What’s Jola’s Solution?

Jola is the first MVNO to offer a true ‘layer 2’ 4G product designed specifically for ISPs. Every ISP with L2TP infrastructure for fixed line broadband and Ethernet should be able to consume Jola’s Mobile L2TP service, with no modification to their edge network.


What is Jola’s Mobile L2TP?

Jola’s Mobile L2TP gives ISPs full control over routing and IP addressing, facilitating the creation of fixed-line failover, pre-ethernet and stand-alone internet access services. Mobile L2TP provides access to all four UK mobile networks and 450 networks globally.



What problems does it solve?

ISPs can now interconnect at layer 2 directly into the Jola eSIM MVNO platform in London (or any other AWS connected location in the world) – with the option of failover to a secondary location for the delivery of resilient services. The solution is inexpensive, reliable and straightforward to set-up. With un-steered multi-network eSIMs, ISPs are not tied to any particular network and no longer need to do a site survey to determine the best signal – globally.

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Managing Churn

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 29-Jul-2020 12:33:32

Most resellers focus on acquiring new business and many don’t address churn until it is too late.  If you want to grow your business effectively, managing your churn pro-actively, from the outset, is essential.

You can’t grow your business if for every new customer won, two existing customers are lost, yet by reducing churn, your bottom line can be improved.

Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than retaining the ones you have.  Also, the probability of a successful sale with an existing customer is much higher than that of a new prospect.

Strategies for managing churn

Start by setting realistic objectives and KPIs. Make sure they are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Gather information

By analysing churn figures, you may start to understand why your customers are leaving and put a plan in place to turn things around.

If your customers are on short-term contracts in a price-sensitive, commodity market, like mobile broadband, they can give 30-days’ notice and move to a cheaper provider very easily. Customers will move to get more data at a reduced monthly cost.

Red Flags

You may already be aware of issues within the company. Sales may have raised issues relating to competitor offerings, and billing managers may have reported complaints, resulting in withheld payments. If you know where the problems are, you can start to put processes in place to address them.

Depending on the issues raised, you may want to compare your offerings and look for differentiated services. Consider reviewing your ‘buy prices’, on-boarding processes and customer support.

By being proactive and being in constant contact with customers experiencing pain points, you may be able to resolve issues and help to reduce churn.


Where do I start? Start with your biggest customers by spend. Focus on customers you want to save and who can be saved. 

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Supporting our care homes

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 08-Jul-2020 18:54:49

Resellers have been supporting care homes by providing smart devices used by both residents and care workers to raise alarms and track the health of the residents. They have also been installing CCTV cameras to increase security and video telephony solutions to facilitate contact with family members.

The challenge care homes face with 4G data is the lack of visibility and control. They manage an estate of 4G devices and SIM contracts, but cannot monitor and track usage, which results in monthly data overage charges.

Specialists are partnering with Jola to provide solutions which include Jola data-only SIM cards, which can be aggregated and monitored within Mobile Manager. This means that usage can be spread across the estate with heavy-use devices taking the un-used data allowances of lower-use devices.

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Roaming 4G data SIMs

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 10-Jun-2020 16:08:19

Devices in buses, coaches, lorries and trains both in the UK and abroad, require seamless Internet connectivity on the move. In some scenarios, customers cannot predict which countries their devices will be travelling to and can only estimate usage required. In others, customers have a clear idea of requirements.

For both scenarios and everything in-between, there is good solution. The challenge resellers have is searching the market to get exactly the right fit for each opportunity.


A global eSIM will allow you to connect devices to the Internet in any country where it is being used. eSIMs can be embedded into devices or delivered as a traditional plastic SIM. Instead of swapping plastic SIM cards, profiles are downloaded and managed on a device as needed. In the eSIM model, a device is ready to deploy anywhere network coverage exists. eSIMs are very cost-effective.

M2M Roaming SIMs also allow devices to connect to the internet in specific countries, however, they may need to be swapped out in the future if the customer switches to a different network offering. They offer exceptional reliability and coverage and are easy to manage and inexpensive to buy.

Wholesale Comparison Tool

The Jola Tariff Tool allows resellers to compare the market to get the best wholesale, roaming SIM package, comparing hundreds of countries and networks instantly. It is now available on the Jola Partner Portal Mobile App.


  • Select the countries you need the SIM to work in
  • Choose monthly data allowance required 
  • Compare available packages
  • View lists of 3G and 4G mobile networks in each country, your SIM package will roam on
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4G for Digital Signage

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 12-May-2020 11:47:16

In the current climate, demand for digital signage is increasing. Digital signs are being used to help supermarkets remind customers of social distancing measures, and to help improve queuing and in-store buying experiences.

Supermarkets were early adopters of display technology, because signage can be changed quickly, as offers change. The ability to run vivid content, promoting offers appeals to this sector, who are fighting for market share.

Digital signs are being moved outside to help communicate new store restrictions, special opening times and let customers know the estimated wait time. In stores, digital signs are being used to track shopper numbers waiting outside, as well as the number of shoppers in the store at any one time. In staff rooms, digital signs are being used to remind employees of the latest government guidelines, and provide updates on stock levels and any purchase limits currently applied.

Using 4G, digital signs can be placed where they are needed without relying upon the availability of fixed broadband connections. 


Jola offers a wide range of 4G SIM tariffs suitable for digital signage. Our SIMs are available on 30-day terms. Fixed IP, Private APN and pooled data options are available. We partner with MSPs and Solutions Providers to provide the right package for their solution.

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4G for Smart Metering

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 12-May-2020 11:01:59

What is a smart metering?

Smart metering is the collection of remote data using IoT sensors in real-time, without human intervention.

Smart metering provides the tracking of any measurable parameter available on a machine, in a room or an outdoor environment. It is traditionally used to describe the monitoring of utilities such as water, gas and electricity.

Why are smart meters becoming popular?

Country-wide schemes, such as the Government’s Smart Metering initiative, have helped drive demand for smart meters in the energy sector, as it helps businesses to track their energy usage and provide more accurate bills. It also helps utility companies to plan resources and improve customer experience.

The Internet of Things (IoT) saves time and money by automating remote data collection. We have seen demand for mobile data surge for IoT devices, enabling the remote monitoring of devices measuring usage and temperatures.

Who are companies turning to for 4G data for smart meters?


Jola offers the widest range of mobile data SIMs from multiple suppliers, which are easy to order and manage via Mobile Manager.  Our multi-network eSIMs are very competitively priced and suitable for smart sensors, as they always offer the best possible service in any location. We also offer rugged SIMs, which can sustain extreme temperatures.


The eSIM will always enable devices to connect to the best, available mobile network. Jola’s eSIMs roam seamlessly over 450 networks in 190 countries, including EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three in the UK.

No need to travel to site to conduct surveys

Using multi-network eSIMs, end customers don’t need site surveys, as they no longer need to know the best network for each location.


Jola's eSIMs are competitively priced to allow the channel to compete directly with the Mobile Network operators. Fixed IP eSIMs and L2TP eSIMs are also available.

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4G for homeworkers, key workers and the public sector

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 06-May-2020 14:09:04

The current climate has been a catalyst for change in the public sector and demand for 4G data, for home learners, delivery services and the NHS, is increasing.

4G solves a few key problems. It does not require an installation. In many cases, it is plug-and-play. The device comes out of the box and when switched on, automatically connects to the network and allows the user access to the internet. 4G can roam. Multi-network, un-steered variants are available which can connect to the strongest 4G signal in any location. It can easily be posted as a physical SIM card or installed into a device and posted to where it is required.

Home Learners

MSPs supporting local councils and private schools, colleges and universities are being asked for 4G devices to support home learning. Online learning materials are being distributed and online classes organised, often involving multiple students at once.

Delivery Services

Delivery services are in demand delivering essentials to those self-isolating.  The Government is using local councils to deliver essentials boxes to those shielding. Supermarkets are increasing their deliveries to keep up with demand. All deliveries are being tracked via PDAs containing 4G SIM cards.


There is high demand from the NHS for 4G devices for healthcare workers visiting patients and ambulance crews updating patient records.

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Captive Audience

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 15-Apr-2020 14:27:51

Businesses are adapting the way they work to meet changing market conditions. Existing services are being packaged and sold in a new way.

We have seen farm shops and pub kitchens offering home delivery services, and supermarkets offering ‘essential’s boxes’ for those self-isolating. Joe Wicks is offering free P.E lessons for kids on YouTube, which has inspired gyms, dance schools, and music clubs to start charging for lessons on-line.

How are your customers adapting to change?

If principals of your customers are still working, it is important to keep in touch with them and support their changing needs. Send emails, arrange calls or webinars with them. Do they have adequate internet connectivity? Can they run their phone system from home? Do they have the collaboration tools they need to operate effectively from home? Can they access their network and store files securely? Do they need additional devices? Do they need support setting up new online products and services? What new services can you package and sell to support them?

4G for Homeworking

We are seeing huge demand for unlimited data, as businesses are running from home, and families are also sharing the home broadband connection, to shop, stream content and game.

Home broadband is typically slower than the connectivity in the office and applications can be interrupted when other family members are downloading files or streaming. Having a separate unlimited 4G connection for business is a good solution. 4G routers are inexpensive and unlimited data packages are widely available. Are your customers looking for a good unlimited 4G data solution to help their team work more effectively from home?

4G for the Public Sector

Hundreds of thousands of public sector employees are now working from home, with a need to keep data secure. Health professionals are in desperate need of 4G for devices to access patient files remotely when visiting vulnerable patients. For added security, all Jola mobile products are available with fixed IP.

For students without broadband, schools want to send 4G devices to access study materials and keep in touch. Do you serve these markets?

4G in Logistics

Logistics has never been busier. Supermarkets have increased their deliveries to keep up with demand. 4G is required for tracking devices to ensure goods arrive safely and on time. Do your customers need 4G solutions to help track goods delivery?

Direct Routing

2 million new Microsoft Teams licences have been activated in the last three weeks. Do these users need Direct Routing to be able to make and receive local calls outside of Teams? Do they need help routing numbers?

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