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Gigabit Britain what to expect

Posted by Adrian Sunderland on 20-Sep-2023 17:22:23

We can expect a huge amount of opportunity for the channel. Successful resellers are trusted by their customers, they are more than just suppliers they are advisors. For the SME business, they are perhaps faced with some uncertainty, such as what happens with my PSTN lines and the things connected to them.  The reseller that takes away the uncertainty is in the driving seat to help their customer benefit from the new connectivity as well as solve some of the more niche PSTN replacement problems that are being ignored by the large telcos.

Is the future of connectivity fixed-first, mobile-first, or something in between?

I think the future of connectivity is definitely something in between. There is no doubt that a business that is on-net with one of the fibre providers will want to take their primary connectivity that way.  For them, this connectivity will almost certainly be mission-critical. So, for fibre-connected customers, more and more we see a growing requirement for cellular (4G/5G) backup. Many of the fibre providers are including this as standard with their B2B offerings, providing seamless failover between fixed-line and mobile. 

Of course, not every business is on-net for fibre and so we’re seeing more and more sites where resellers are choosing a mobile broadband solution. According to Ofcom, 73% of homes could benefit from gigabit broadband at the end of last year compared to 82% that could get 5G.  I think that whilst both footprints will continue to grow, in all likelihood 5G will always be the technology used to fill the gaps or provide connectivity where the requirement is temporary (such as construction sites, festivals etc.) or mobile (such as public transport, marine etc.).

The average speed achieved by Three UK’s 5G customers was 275Mbit/s last quarter with the highest performance measured at 1.4Gbit/s!  So there isn’t necessarily a performance compromise to be made through the use of mobile vs. fixed like there was when 3G was the best service available.

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Powerful hardware

Posted by Adrian Sunderland on 13-Sep-2023 14:48:00

We are seeing significant demand for single devices that support Gigabit Ethernet and 5G or for 5G devices that can sit alongside Gigabit Ethernet routers.  Internet connectivity is now mission critical to virtually all businesses whether they are SMEs, mid-sized or the largest of enterprise or public sector.  For the channel, these devices need to be robust, reliable and manageable out of the box.  At Jola, every single device that we supply includes unique software that we’ve developed in-house to make the device provisioning zero-touch and to enhance the remote support that the reseller can provide.  Supplying hardware isn’t just a case of shifting a box anymore, now the reseller needs to make sure it will work perfectly with the customer’s particular mix of connectivity as well as any wide-area network-specific requirements such as SD-WAN or VPN connectivity to other locations.  


The latest generation of equipment is significantly more powerful than what’s gone before.  Two years ago, using the best external antennas, a typical cellular router, even from a premium brand, would struggle to perform much beyond 40Mbit/s.  The constraint was both the device itself but also the cellular service available.  In a recent test, our entry-level 5G router, inside a building, using its own internal antennas delivered 490Mbit/s.

The other major benefit of the new equipment is the cost savings.  Our average leased line customer has 100Mbit/s of bandwidth but our average FTTP customer has 300Mbit/s available to them.  On average our 5G customers achieve speeds of 276Mbit/s (using the Three UK network).  FTTP is around 80% cheaper than a leased line and 5G is around 97% cheaper than a leased line!

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Why partner with Jola for mobile data?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 23-Aug-2023 15:11:21

We help find and close new opportunities

During the COVID lockdown, offices closed, and engineers were banned from installing and maintaining fixed lines and phone systems. Resellers turned to mobile data as very often the only product they could sell, Jola’s partner acquisition accelerated such that in one month alone we signed 34 new partners. The lack of opportunity in those partners’ bases was not an issue – it was finding and closing it. Those resellers that committed themselves totally to Jola gave us their customer lists to evaluate and through that partnership, we developed a unique Partner Programme and called it the MRG™. It combines both sales and marketing and works like this:

Between us we look for their best customers in the most attractive sectors i.e. those where other Jola partners have had success; where competition is weak and margins are high.

  1. We evaluate the suitability of their salesforce, collateral, how they present financially, and their capabilities around billing and support.
  2. Once we have selected our targets we train their best salespeople on the products and propositions appropriate for the opportunities we have identified.

Over the last 12 months, we have improved and simplified the Mobile-data Revenue Generator™(MRG™) and over 300 of our 1300 partners have gone through it. Thanks in no small part to the MRG™ we have been named by Megabuyte as the fastest-growing Telecom services company two years in a row. 

Innovative products

Our strategy is to give channel partners control of their customers’ experience and deliver well-priced, innovative products, you can’t buy from anyone else to improve their quote-to-order hit rate.

Self-serve fully automated portals

We were the first to market with a real-time automated portal to manage data SIMs We invented the concept of ‘no bill shock’, removing the fear of data overage charges, and helped over one thousand traditional resellers to pivot into mobile data. We have similar portals to manage hosted telephony, SIP and Direct Routing. We have automated quoting tools for roaming SIMs and Ethernet.


We run a variety of set onboarding processes depending on partner type. Some prefer more in-depth training for product, procurement and sales staff, others prefer a lighter touch and a focus on portal training. Every month we run webinars highlighting key opportunities, unique solutions and updates on the portal. Over 200 partners attended a recent webinar on PSTN replacement.

If you are looking for a reliable, wholesale partner for mobile data, consider Jola.

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Mobile Data

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 16-Aug-2023 15:10:16

Most resellers and MSPs in the UK either sell or have sold mobile but comparatively, few have productised mobile data. In terms of margin and opportunity, the two couldn’t be more different, but resellers set up to bill CDRs and support traditional mobile have a head start when it comes to mobile data.

For many PSTN replacement projects, mobile data is the only viable solution. If resellers don’t establish a partnership with a mobile data aggregator soon their customers may come under attack from competitors with a full switch-off portfolio.

Jola’s strategy is simply to encourage the channel to get into mobile data by supplying differentiated products, keenly priced, delivered and managed via a world-class self-service portal. The only barrier is mindset and we overcome this through case studies, use cases, and our unique process that helps our partners find, convert and deliver large global projects.

The Mobile-Data Revenue Generator defines the way we work with the channel to qualify opportunities, capabilities and skills. We help our partners to focus on large opportunities and ultimately win large, high-margin long-term contracts.

Jola will help partners to uncover prospects with immediate requirements for mobile data SIMs. We will help develop unique solutions to existing issues, they can't buy from anyone else at a competitive price for them and margin for partners. We are channel-only so by helping resellers fill their pipeline we are filling our own and can help pitch and close big deals. We are on hand to support MSPs and their customers throughout the buying process and post-sale and can help partners use this winning proposition to target and win similar deals.

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Jola launches Regional Zoned SIP Channels

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 16-Aug-2023 14:38:28

Channel partners are increasing their reach internationally and demand for numbers over multiple geographies, requiring separate SIP trunks for each country is increasing. This setup often leads to increased costs and complexity for both resellers and end-users. Jola has developed Regional Zoned SIP Channels to eliminate this problem with a fixed fee to protect monthly recurring margins.

Regional Zoned SIP Channels allow resellers to purchase two-way numbers with no per-minute inbound costs. Resellers simply buy the number of channels needed to cover multiple countries. Each zone represents a group of countries and means resellers can buy an aggregated channel for a zone in SIP Manager. Zones are stacked, so Zone 2 includes the countries of Zone 1.


Adrian Sunderland, Jola’s CTO says, “Resellers servicing multi-national businesses often need numbers to cover multiple geographies, such as well-known retailers, manufacturers and gas and oil companies. Our new proposition is available in SIP Manager, so resellers have complete control over their channels as well as their margins.”

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Boardroom Diversity

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 02-Aug-2023 15:03:21

Deloitte says diversity takes various forms in a boardroom and can be broadly categorised into skills, expertise and experience. Having the optimal mix is paramount.

At Jola, we believe diverse boardrooms are often more successful because of the way they utilise the wide range of skills and experience at their disposal and the corporate culture they have cultivated. Diversity is part of our values and positively affects how we do business. It starts with an ingrained respect for others and a desire to work together to achieve a common goal. This influences how we innovate, our marketing style and the way we help partners to find and win lucrative deals.

Hiring people from diverse backgrounds can help to foster creativity and offer a range of perspectives and ideas. Employees are more likely to feel empowered to innovate in an environment where inclusivity is a priority.

Our focus at Jola is to find the best people, who share our values and train and support them so that they grow with us. Small things like changing our hours, flexible working, work experience programmes, graduate schemes, and apprenticeship programmes have all been successful for us. We coach people on how we communicate with each other, and we don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind. We are problem solvers, so if we find the right person and they face a challenge, we work with them to overcome it.

We don’t shout about it but we do have experienced channel professionals running our business who are generous with their time and have mentored, trained and inspired many of us in the channel. Watching and learning from others is the key in my view, which you can get from great people you work with, but also from networking both inside and outside of the channel. If we keep learning and inspiring and training others to come with us in our careers, removing barriers in our way, there is nothing stopping us. 

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Learning and development

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 02-Aug-2023 11:58:42

Today channel suppliers need to do so much more than train their channel partners on products and portals, especially with newer technologies such as M2M and IoT. Training webinars are expected but successful vendors go much further than this, taking partners through slick onboarding processes and programmes which generate new recurring revenue streams.

Companies that can demonstrate success not just through case studies and testimonials but through a structured programme are most in demand. Resellers need help to productise solutions, find prospects and close deals. So much time and resource is wasted on chasing deals that can’t be won. Vendors with proven programmes that start with buy-in from senior management, engagement with sales and marketing teams and training of provisioning, support and billing teams are the most successful.

Jola developed the Mobile-data Revenue Generator (MRG™) programme during Lockdown. Openreach engineers were stood down and resellers were looking for alternative revenue streams. A long-standing Jola partner asked us to look at their customer base to identify mobile data opportunities from our experience in different sectors. We found a major retailer providing access to sensitive CCTV via insecure consumer SIMs bought off the high street. The partner replaced hundreds of SIMs with secure Fixed IP alternatives running over Jola’s secure DDOS-protected Cloudflare network and managed within Mobile Manager®. By controlling usage and limiting on-site visits, the retailer saved time and money. The partner instantly added thousands of pounds of recurring 40% margin revenue to their P&L.

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Mobile data and IoT opportunities in the channel

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 27-Jul-2023 15:59:24


With technologies being switched off (PSTN, ISDN, 3G) and the current economic climate, demand for cost-effective, managed mobile data solutions from the channel, has never been so high. We are seeing an exponential rise in demand for SIMs not only for use in 5G/4G routers, pre-Ethernet connectivity and Ethernet back-up but also for digital signage, monitoring and smart devices.  Resellers, manufacturers and service companies are finding new uses for mobile data daily and, as we accelerate towards 5G, this is unlikely to slow down.


Public Sector

The NHS has rolled out iPads to ambulance crews all over the UK recently. The iPads will help them access medical records to help inform their course of action.

MSPs who help ambulance trusts roll out technology and who previously worked with mobile networks directly have found that partnering with aggregators offering multi-network services and a management portal gives them so much more control and removes the headache of dealing with multiple carriers and manual requests for changes.

Digital signage

AV Specialists are ordering complete, secure connectivity packages for digital signage, to arrive plug-and-play to each site, and consisting of an intelligent 4G router, a SIM and some clever configurations to prevent hackers from accessing the signs. Devices arrived pre-configured with an app, allowing auto-configuration, saving time and money.

Buses and Coaches

Specialists are novating SIMs on various tariffs and price plans with their Private APN for bus and coach companies for cashless ticketing systems and WiFi. End-users can manage data usage directly on their own management portal.

Car Parks

IT Resellers provide both voice and data and data-only SIMs for car parks.  They can use aggregated data SIMs and voice and data SIMs, which means they can share data across sites to avoid data overage charges and use a Private APN for their CCTV cameras.


MSPs are helping property owners and developers to monitor carbon levels. They have created solutions to monitor energy consumption across many different devices within the home. Their devices need 4G to report usage information and for general maintenance of the equipment.


Most telecommunications resellers use SIMs for short-term internet connectivity, 4G backup and as part of PSTN replacement solutions where fixed-line connectivity is not practical.

The opportunity for the channel is massive. The challenge is finding the opportunities each partner can win. Suppliers that can help resellers target opportunities they can win are crucial. Solutions need to be easy to sell, roll out and manage.

Key Trends

A key trend driving the as-a-service model is the move to IP and the imminent PSTN switch-off. There are millions of single-call PSTN lines in the UK that are soon to be end-of-life. Upgrading to broadband is expensive and capital costs of converters and 4G routers soon mount up. Device-as-a-service models have solved this problem with no up-front hardware costs and low monthly charges, plus the added benefit of ‘advance replacement’ and free returns for faulty routers.

Look for a channel-only supplier with

  • A real-time, fully automated, API-enabled, white-label portal that connects to every mobile network in the world
  • A network and internal systems protected from DDOS attacks
  • Global eSIM networks
  • OPEX and CAPEX financial models on hardware
  • Financial stability and demonstrable growth
  • A wide range of SIM options across a number of different networks
  • Cost-effective SIP-enabled 4G/5G PSTN replacement products
  • Routers with proprietary auto-configuration and management software built-in
  • A programme to help you identify opportunities you can win


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Jola wins Best Wireless Connectivity Provider Award

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 27-Jul-2023 15:35:15

Jola was shortlisted for two awards and won Best Wireless Connectivity Provider at the Comms Business Awards in London on Thursday night. The judges found Jola’s entry to be the most compelling because of its use of case examples.

Andrew Dickinson, CEO Jola, commented, “We were delighted to win this award. We continue to grow and to invest in people, products, platforms and processes. We have a talented team here at Jola who are dedicated to supporting our growing partner base. It is great to see so many Jola partners building profitable revenue streams from our unique mobile data solutions. We would like to thank all our staff, partners and suppliers for all their support.”

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Data and analytics

Posted by Adrian Sunderland on 05-Jul-2023 18:01:41

Social Housing

Jola supplies MSPs with mobile data solutions to monitor and control the usage of gas and electric systems in social housing. Usage is monitored to try and create efficiencies and move towards a carbon-neutral goal. The challenge their customers have is one of affordability. Hardware costs are high as is deployment countrywide with single network coverage issues.


End-users expect always-on 24/7/365 internet connectivity and reliable hardware to be able to monitor usage in near real-time. They don’t want to be paying over the odds for data usage and would prefer to pay monthly for hardware.

Partners can work with end-user businesses to meet the unique connectivity requirements of their customers, helping to test and roll out solutions which exactly meet their needs.


In the upcoming year, businesses are expected to focus on several trends in the analytics space. Automated analytics is set to increase allowing businesses to quickly analyse data and to generate insights without manual analysis. Machine learning algorithms are predicted to be used more widely to help with decision-making. There will be a greater emphasis on data security. Real-time analytics will be a major focus and there will be a shift towards hybrid cloud analytics as businesses look to gain competitive advantage and retain security over their data.

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