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Paying too much for Roaming SIMs?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 04-Sep-2019 11:11:36

It’s challenging to set a price for roaming SIMs. Resellers need to know which countries the SIMs will roam to and how much monthly data they will need. Some countries are more expensive than others to roam in, for example UAE and Andorra. Sales people can’t always be sure how much data will be used in each country and how often SIMs will roam in more expensive countries. They run the risk of choosing a package that includes countries which SIMs will never roam in, pushing up the price.

Tariff Tool (landscape)

To solve this problem Jola has launched an M2M Roaming Tariff Tool. It was designed for Jola partners to make it quicker and easier to find the right SIM tariff. Tariff Tool provides resellers with a range of options on a variety of data allowances across hundreds of countries and networks.

Resellers select the amount of monthly data required and the individual countries the SIMs need to roam in. They receive a range of options from single and multiple networks, 3G and 4G networks per country, instantly.

To try our Tariff Tool, click here.

Jola is a wholesale provider of mobile broadband, voice and data SIMs, M2M SIMs, hosted telephony and internet connectivity with a range of unique ordering and management portals. If you have an interest in providing unique 4G solutions using the widest range of cost-effective data SIMs in the channel, request our Partner Pack.

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