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How can resellers make money from eSIMs?

Posted by Andrew Dickinson on 29-Jan-2020 13:40:53

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What is an eSIM?

If you've even heard of eSIMs, you might think it’s a new Apple initiative to fix a SIM to an iPhone circuit board. It is, but that’s not even half the story, and a long way from the real opportunity for the channel.

eSIMs solve a number of problems for businesses, and therefore represent a significant opportunity for resellers looking for a magic mobile data bullet to compete with a Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

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What are the typical use cases?


Companies with thousands of SIMs in devices globally are often locked in with existing suppliers, even when their contract has ended and better commercials are available, because the cost of swapping out SIMs to another provider is too high.


Companies usually want to connect to the network with the strongest signal. Some multinetwork SIMs are steered and so always try to connect to their own network, when competitor networks may be stronger. Multinetwork SIMs also negate the need for expensive site surveys.


Companies need to have visibility of their data usage on each device to manage data limits. If they go over their monthly data limit, they may be billed high data overage charges or run the risk of being barred.


An eSIM MVNO solves all these problems with network agnostic, un-steered or steered, embedded or plastic triple-cut SIMs. MVNOs buy wholesale, from mobile data aggregators (so they're very price competitive). Their SIMs are invisible to individual MNOs so, unlike with consumer eSIMs, MVNOs don’t need permission from MNOs in each country. MVNO eSIMs roam automatically across hundreds of global networks and additional profiles can easily be added OTA (Over The Air) to take advantage of cheaper local rates.

Where the MVNO has a self-serve portal, resellers and their customers have complete control over the networks they connect to, and data usage.


Jola is a global eSIM MVNO formed in 2014, that sells exclusively through channel. According to Megabuyte, Jola is the fastest growing and most successful telecommunications company in the UK. Among Jola’s 600+ channel partners are well known ISPs and MSPs, serving blue chip enterprises with sites worldwide. Jola is a leading supplier of specialist mobile data products to the growing IoT and M2M sectors. To find out more, request our partner pack.

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