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Develop a compelling mobile data offering

Posted by Andrew Dickinson on 25-Jan-2023 15:50:41

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In the channel, we are seeing an exponential rise in demand for mobile data SIMs, not only for use in 5G/4G routers, pre-Ethernet connectivity and Ethernet back-up but also for digital signage, gaming machines, vending machines, monitoring devices, sensors and ATMs. SIMs are being used in wind and solar farms, measuring and tracking key variables, they are also being used in smart TV cameras, which roam internationally. Manufacturers and service companies are finding new uses for mobile data daily and, as we accelerate towards 5G, this is unlikely to slow down.


It's practically impossible for resellers to provision and control SIM estates without a comprehensive, well-established real-time portal. Choosing a trusted channel-only supplier means the reseller can take advantage of their knowledge and experience when they are bidding for deals. Jola’s most successful partners involve our Partner Managers directly with their customers without fear of disintermediation. Price is really important and mobile data suppliers need to understand that their products have to be priced so that channel partners can win deals at decent margins.

Millions of PSTN lines won’t be able to use a SoGEA or FTTP type replacement due to costs, incompatibility or logistical challenges. Mobile data will be a requirement for customers replacing PSTN lines for intruder alarm monitoring, call points and many other applications.

When the networks made 4G available to the channel around 2016, it changed the game. 3G SIMs running at only a few Mb/s struggled with email but 4G started to be used as a substitute for fixed-line broadband. When, due to political pressure, MNOs swapped out manufacturers recently, they upgraded many towers to support 4G+ which offers download speeds of up to 300 Mb/s. Although the networks do not publish 4G+ coverage it is estimated that over 90% of the UK population has access to 4G+. As 5G becomes ubiquitous it will overtake the number of fixed-line data connections very quickly.

The opportunity for the channel is significant and for those resellers not sure where to start, Jola has productised its unique process of helping customers successfully sell mobile data. It is called The Mobile-Data Revenue Generator (The MRG) and it helps partners to identify low-hanging fruit and win their first significant mobile data opportunity. From there they can start to productise mobile data and develop the eco-system required to sell, support and bill it.

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