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Jola launches the first unlimited O2 mobile broadband SIM

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 17-Dec-2019 16:01:57

Unlimited voice and data SIMs are available in the channel but can only be used in mobile phones. Jola is first to market with an unlimited data SIM fit for purpose, without speed restrictions, on 30-day contracts. These SIMs will work on 5G, where available.

Extremely keenly priced, Jola’s new packages are designed to work in routers and M2M devices in the UK, offering unlimited data for business users.

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Selling mobile broadband

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 12-Aug-2019 15:22:27

There are two types of partners that sign up with Jola for mobile broadband SIMs. The first already has an opportunity and needs a supplier to help fulfil the 4G element, the second is enthusiastic about growing a new recurring revenue stream.

Experienced Partners

Partners with existing opportunities often have strong relationships with their clients. Although they may not already offer mobile broadband, they are trusted advisors and capable of sourcing the elements they need to build and roll out solutions. These partners are looking for a solution to a data problem. They need a partner to quickly understand the problem, pose a cost-effective solution and help them to win their bid. This often involves pre-sales and product development, to create a tailored solution to displace an incumbent.

New Partners

New partners selling mobile for the first time want to understand the products, and pricing, but more importantly the opportunity. Partners with a large connectivity base, often start by offering 4G back-up solutions and temporary Ethernet solutions. Many can already see how the product would meet the needs of their audience and package it accordingly.

In retail and construction specialists are offering 4G internet connectivity, hosted telephony, IP-CCTV and IP-PTT radios on short-term contracts for events and site offices.

Successful partners produce case studies and reference sites to help to build a pipeline of similar opportunities.

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Avoiding bill shock

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 23-Jul-2019 12:57:56

It is well-documented that mobile data can be expensive, if you go over your monthly allowance. Businesses need to predict their monthly usage accurately, to avoid data overage charges.

Unlimited 4G

SMEs may be tempted to choose unlimited options directly from the mobile carriers, however heavy users run the risk of throttling by the networks, slowing down their services. Some of these are residential products and business resellers servicing this market are keen to provide a solution that is fit-for-purpose and priced competitively, to create good recurring margin.


Jola is the leading supplier of mobile data SIMs to the channel. We are the ‘anti-bill shock’ company and introduced a white label management SIM portal, to help the channel control data usage and eliminate bill shock.

Our partners win more 4G data opportunities, by analysing customer data usage and proposing competitive and flexible solutions. Resellers can set up data pools themselves, assign or remove SIMs from pools, and protect customers from high data overage costs, using alerts and Buffer Pools. We also offer a managed 4G router with a no bill-shock guarantee.

Mobile Manager

JolaMobile SIMs, pools and private APNs are managed by Jola’s unique portal, Mobile Manager. By logging in, resellers can view usage data, set-up alerts, add auto-bolt-ons and manage SIMs directly.

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Mobile Broadband

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 17-Jul-2019 11:15:48


4G is widely available in the UK with typical download speeds of around 20Mb/s and theoretical speeds of up to 150Mb/s. We have seen a surge in demand for data-only SIMs for mobile broadband solutions in rural areas, on construction sites and in retail outlets.


4G is fast, reliable and quick to set up. Jola, offers up to 500GB data packages on short-term contracts. Data SIMs are available on all the major mobile networks, with back-dateable bolt-ons and management tools.

Bill shock

The issue for many is bill shock. Unlike FTTC, which is largely unlimited (usually with a fair use policy), mobile broadband is sold with monthly usage allowances and financial penalties for over-usage.

Mobile Manager

To allow resellers to manage large estates of mobile data SIMs, Jola developed Mobile Manager. Mobile Manager handles SIM activations, ceases, suspensions, reports, alerts and bolt-ons. SIMs are managed in real-time. Pooled data and data buffers are available to share data usage across estates and avoid bill shock. Self-serve Private APNs can be set-up and managed within Mobile Manager for private 4G networks and seamless private 4G fail-over solutions.

JolaNet 4G

For resellers wanting to send a pre-configured 4G routers to site, they are available next day, JolaNet 4G is a managed 4G router with an integrated data SIM. Choose from a selection of data SIMs from all the leading mobile network operators, multi-network and Fixed IP options. Resellers can view data usage directly from the device in five minute intervals. It comes with a no bill-shock guarantee.

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