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Why partner with Jola for mobile data?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 23-Aug-2023 15:11:21

We help find and close new opportunities

During the COVID lockdown, offices closed, and engineers were banned from installing and maintaining fixed lines and phone systems. Resellers turned to mobile data as very often the only product they could sell, Jola’s partner acquisition accelerated such that in one month alone we signed 34 new partners. The lack of opportunity in those partners’ bases was not an issue – it was finding and closing it. Those resellers that committed themselves totally to Jola gave us their customer lists to evaluate and through that partnership, we developed a unique Partner Programme and called it the MRG™. It combines both sales and marketing and works like this:

Between us we look for their best customers in the most attractive sectors i.e. those where other Jola partners have had success; where competition is weak and margins are high.

  1. We evaluate the suitability of their salesforce, collateral, how they present financially, and their capabilities around billing and support.
  2. Once we have selected our targets we train their best salespeople on the products and propositions appropriate for the opportunities we have identified.

Over the last 12 months, we have improved and simplified the Mobile-data Revenue Generator™(MRG™) and over 300 of our 1300 partners have gone through it. Thanks in no small part to the MRG™ we have been named by Megabuyte as the fastest-growing Telecom services company two years in a row. 

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Innovative products

Our strategy is to give channel partners control of their customers’ experience and deliver well-priced, innovative products, you can’t buy from anyone else to improve their quote-to-order hit rate.

Self-serve fully automated portals

We were the first to market with a real-time automated portal to manage data SIMs We invented the concept of ‘no bill shock’, removing the fear of data overage charges, and helped over one thousand traditional resellers to pivot into mobile data. We have similar portals to manage hosted telephony, SIP and Direct Routing. We have automated quoting tools for roaming SIMs and Ethernet.


We run a variety of set onboarding processes depending on partner type. Some prefer more in-depth training for product, procurement and sales staff, others prefer a lighter touch and a focus on portal training. Every month we run webinars highlighting key opportunities, unique solutions and updates on the portal. Over 200 partners attended a recent webinar on PSTN replacement.

If you are looking for a reliable, wholesale partner for mobile data, consider Jola.

About Jola

Jola is an award-winning, channel-only supplier of business communications specialising in mobile data SIMs. We are a global eSIM MVNO, providing innovative IoT and mobile data solutions to MSPs, ISPs, IT support companies and telecommunications resellers.

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