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Why are restaurants upgrading voice and data networks?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 05-Feb-2016 17:05:03

Voice resellers and IT support companies are coming across tenders to upgrade internet connectivity and traditional telephony more frequently. Many are turning to Jola for help because they have years’ of experience with bespoke solutions and have a leading cloud-hosted telephony platform.

The restaurant chains tend to ask for more complex MPLS solutions to connect multiple sites rolling out over years, however smaller chains and single restaurants are being set up almost overnight. 

The larger restaurant chains often ask for fixed lines, co-location, Ethernet provision, exchange server migration and provision, PBX installation and wi-fi configuration across their estates. They are also looking for the migration of all fixed lines and fixed line calls, non-geographic number provisioning and reporting and the migration of mobile accounts.

For the larger retailers having an effective and scalable solution is key so that they can easily add sites as they grow. Quality of Service profiles are set up to identify secure financial data, which is transmitted and processed over IP. Secondary connectivity solutions are also requested as a back-up.


The smaller sites are looking to upgrade their ADSL connection to a more reliable dedicated Fibre Broadband or Ethernet leased line to run hosted telephony solutions. Hunt groups can be set up for table bookings to ensure no calls are missed and busy lamp fields are used to see who in the team is on the phone.

The smaller sites are choosing the latest handset bundles and are benefitting from free calls and advanced call features as standard. Installation is only limited to lead times on the internet connectivity. The phone systems can be configured, delivered and installed over night if required.

If you support retail customers and uncover an opportunity for internet connectivity and hosted telephony, contact Jola. To find out more..

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