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Who is buying pooled data?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 15-Aug-2018 09:43:55

Large Corporates with voice and data SIMs

Corporates typically have a large estate of mobile phones. Many have relationships with the carriers directly and benefit from the latest handsets. Those coming out of contract are looking to compare deals. They don’t want to sign lengthy contracts and are looking to overcome overage charges and billing challenges. They often contract with more than one carrier.

The Solution

By analysing bill data, resellers can understand the mixture of high and low data users and create a compelling proposal. By creating an aggregated pool, resellers can build their pool size by assigning data SIMs to it. Pools and SIM packages are available on 30 day terms. There is a selection of packages and carrier networks to choose from and alerts can be set up to track usage. If usage exceeds pool allowance in any month, resellers can negate overage charges by drawing from their buffer pools, which offer a much more competitive per MB rate.


Multi-sited organisations with 4G back-up

Multi-sited organisations such as supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, gyms and hotels are using internet connectivity to run digital Point of Sale screens and door entry systems amongst other things. These customers want reliable internet connectivity and don’t want to pay huge overage charges when the 4G failover kicks in.

The Solution

A competitive primary circuit (FTTC/Ethernet) with a resilient 4G back-up solution is required. Resellers can opt for multi-network SIMs in an aggregated pool. Each site only pays a small amount each month for a SIM package, however has the ability to use data from a much larger pool when it is required and a buffer pool to negate any pool overage charges.


Jola partners are winning more 4G opportunities by analysing data usage and proposing competitive and flexible solutions, managed in Mobile Manager. Resellers can set-up pools, alerts and avoid data overages completely.

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