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What should partners look for in a mobile data supplier?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 05-May-2022 16:15:50

Choose an aggregator

Jola is a multi-award-winning MVNO and mobile data aggregator, which means we offer services from all the major UK networks and hundreds of networks globally. We sell a wide range of options, including Fixed IP and Private APN, and we are a well-established, channel-only company. On average, we launch two new products and product extensions every month, so you will always have a differentiated offering to resist being commoditised. We have our own IP addresses and number ranges, and our superfast HA network runs over Cloudflare, the world’s #1 DDOS protection company.


Choose an automated management portal

We give you complete control over your global SIM estate with Mobile Manager, which has been developed over eight years into an award-winning, market leading portal. Should you wish, your customers can also have access to our white-label portal so they can see directly how much data they are using in each device and make decisions accordingly. We help you uncover opportunities and win them, with solutions end users just cannot buy from anyone else. Our objective is to help you reduce churn, increase ARPU and improve the overall value of your business.

Make sure you can bill and support solutions easily

We work with partners to help them overcome the traditional pitfalls in billing and support to ensure your customers remain happy with the solution they have bought from you and continue to buy from you.


There is high demand for mobile data from UK SMEs and yet still only around 20% of resellers have productised M2M/IoT. It is an easy product to sell, provision, support and bill, and sites can be up and producing revenue in days rather than months. We have partners who have doubled the value of their businesses, increased their ARPU and reduced churn by adding mobile data to their portfolio.

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