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What makes Mobile Manager multi-award winning?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 05-Jan-2022 16:36:57

Mobile Manager is Jola’s unique mobile data management platform. It is multi-carrier and has the ability to eliminate bill shock for end users.


Mobile Manager is used by MSPs and resellers to order and manage global mobile data estates in real-time. The white label portal communicates in real-time with multiple mobile networks. Partners can grant access to their end users to view data usage and manage SIMs. Mobile Manager handles SIM activations, ceases, suspensions, reports, alerts and bolt-ons. It also allows you to create and manage data pools and Private APNs.

Why was Mobile Manager developed?

It was designed to help channel partners grow profitable revenue streams from SIM-only solutions. Our partners win opportunities for DSL and Ethernet back-up, fixed line replacement, IoT and M2M projects as well as SIM base moves from large corporates. Resellers can brand and package their own mobile data data solutions for multiple devices all over the world.

How does it manage overages?

Mobile Manager solves the problem of bill shock from data overages by allowing partners to track usage and add bolt-ons to help eliminate overage charges completely. This is the exact opposite of what the market typically does. Carriers earn super-profits from overage charges and the channel loses customers because of it. We are the first company in the channel to challenge this and put the resellers and their customers first.

Can it support multiple networks?

Yes. For applications where it is critical to have a strong internet connection at all times, businesses are opting for un-steered multi-network roaming SIMs. These SIM cards have no preferred network.

We offer a range of multi-network and roaming options. Our Tariff Tool allows MSPs to select the countries and data allowance they need and obtain all the in-country 3G, 4G and 5G roaming network packages available.

What about M2M?

There is a wide range of devices that need an internet connection and mobile data SIMs fit the bill. Opportunities are flooding in via partners from multiple sectors such as retail, construction, logistics and the public sector, all with different requirements. Some need IP addresses, others need multi-network SIMs, but all need the ability to monitor and manage usage remotely. Jola developed products for the channel to address this market.

Jola is the leading supplier of mobile data SIMs to the channel. We are the ‘anti-bill shock’ company and introduced a white label management SIM portal, to help the channel control data usage and eliminate bill shock.

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