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What is Office UC?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 16-Aug-2017 21:00:44

Office UC is an application which allows you to make voice and video calls over the JolaPhone network via a softphone which is available to download on a PC, phone or tablet.  It comes as standard as part of Jola Premium Broadsoft hosted telephony bundles.

What is UC Team?

UC Team is an option which also includes conference calls and the ability to share your desktop for collaborative working.

How do I make and receive calls?

Calls are made and received via the application, as if you were sat at your desk using your handset. You have the option to call from the app, call from your IP phone or video call. You can easily access your voicemail from the dial pad too. You can mute callers and adjust the volume of the call, transfer calls, put callers on hold and show or hide video.

How do I manage calls?

Answer or decline calls by clicking the green or red buttons. If contacts are already in the directory you can see who is calling before you answer without having to recognise the number. Call waiting allows you to put one call on hold and answer another call. Calls can be transferred blind or attended if you need to brief a colleague before transferring a call. Call Move can be used where users have Shared Call Appearance or Call Director where active calls on a desk phone can be transferred seamlessly to a smartphone via the Call Pull button.


How do I set my availability?

You can set your availability from the following options; available, away, busy, offline so other users in your directory can see your availability, before forwarding a call, sending a message or inviting you to a conference.

What is My Room?

UC Team offers conference and desk sharing functionality via My Room. You can drag and drop contacts from your directory to add them as participants to a conference call. Dial-in information is immediately available to share and new contacts can be added and invited easily. You can conference up to 8 people.

How does the Skype for Business Plug-In work?

The Skype for Business Plug-in is a desktop application that works with both Office UC and UC Team, providing users with enhanced Microsoft Instant Messaging and Presence capabilities, by overlaying JolaPhone core functionality which includes, voice and video. You can contact both JolaPhone and Skype for Business users within one application.

For further information about Office, UC or JolaPhone hosted telephony solutions, contact Jola. Jola supplies internet connectivity, hosted telephony and mobile solutions to UK SMEs via a channel of telecommunications and IT suppliers. To find out more about Jola

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