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What is FTTP?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 29-May-2018 15:17:43

FTTP is Fibre To The Premises. Unlike ADSL and FTTC, FTTP does not use a copper phone line, it uses GPON, (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) which is optical fibre to the premises. You do not need a telephone line for FTTP.

It is faster than FTTC and does not lose speed over distance. The speed you order is the speed you will receive, currently up to 330Mb/s, however, faster speeds may be available in the future.

New FTTP installations require an engineer, however migrations or second installations may not require a visit. Unlike FTTC, FTTP installations are all-day appointments.


Availability and pricing

With so many internet connectivity products and suppliers in the market, IT and Telecoms companies are partnering with specialist aggregators like Jola who can offer the widest range of services at the best possible pricing.

Jola partners have access to online tools that automate the entire sales and provisioning process. With software hooks into all primary and secondary carriers Jola can sort through millions of postcodes and hundreds of alternatives in minutes, highlighting available speeds, products and pricing. Quotes can be built online and ordered with a single click.

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