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What is 4G LTE-advanced?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 03-Mar-2021 15:12:38

4G LTE offers typical download speeds of around 20Mbps and theoretical limits of 150Mbps.  A 500MB file will download in under 4 minutes. 4G LTE offers upload speeds of around 8Mbps and theoretical limits of 50Mbps.

4G LTE-Advanced is a faster version of 4G LTE with typical download speeds of 42Mbps and theoretical limits of 300Mbps. 4G LTE-Advanced offers upload speeds of 30Mbps and can theoretically reach 150Mbps.

4G LTE-Advanced is also known as 4G+, LTE-A and 4.5G. Videos will load on 4G LTE Advanced without a discernible pause and a 500MB file will download in under 2 minutes. It is faster than many home broadband connections!


EE launched this service in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester, with partial coverage in a number of other UK cities, under the name 4G+. Vodafone rolled it out in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Nottingham, Bristol and numerous other locations. Three launched a 4G+ service, with coverage in major cities such as London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

5G is the fastest mobile network technology available and download speeds are averaging around 130-250Mbps, but networks claim peak speeds of 1Gbps or more are already possible. Using those average speeds, a 500MB file would be downloaded in under 30 seconds. There’s less data on upload speeds, but it’s likely to average at most around half the download speed.

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