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Three ways suppliers can help you win more business

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 23-Nov-2016 13:14:22

The right business partner can help you to grow your business, as well as fill gaps in your product portfolio. They will work with you to understand the needs of your customers and support your strategic focus moving forwards. In our experience the top three ways suppliers can help you win more business are as follows;

1 – Help you find and qualify prospects

If you don’t have a full-time sales and marketing team you may not be focussed on finding and uncovering opportunities either within your base or from new contacts. Trusted suppliers can help you here. They have the experience and skill sets to work with you and identify existing customers with problems you can help to solve as well as highlighting verticals you may already have a good case study for, which you could use to win new clients. 

2 – Provide you with materials to highlight solutions

Once customer issues have been identified, good suppliers can work with you to create presentations and proposals to explain solutions. Many have white label marketing content you can use, explaining key features and benefits.

3- Provide quoting and ordering tools

Dealers can build co-branded proposals to include internet connectivity, hosted telephony and mobile SIMs, which can be sent directly to customers. Customers can then amend proposals and when they are happy accept orders which automatically trigger the provisioning and ordering process. Both dealers and their customers are kept in the loop at every stage. Resellers, who manage their own billing, also have quoting and ordering tools and white label marketing content for proposals.


To find out more about partnering with a supplier who can help you win more business speak to Jola. Jola is an experienced provider of internet connectivity, hosted telephony and mobile solutions to the channel. We offer both white label and commission-based partner programmes with easy quoting and ordering tools and lifetime training and support.

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