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Thinking about offering 4G primary and backup solutions?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 06-Oct-2021 09:52:27

Are you thinking about adding a 4G connectivity solution to your proposition? Are you being asked about it from customers, or are you looking to enhance service or reduce risk for your clients?

4G primary is often called mobile broadband and is used for both temporary and permanent connectivity solutions. Resellers can often provide temporary connectivity until a broadband or Ethernet circuit goes live and can also be used as a 4G failover solution should the primary circuit fail.

4G backup is commonly used to back up primary networks to add an extra layer of resilience; however, managing 4G can be challenging for the reseller and expensive for the client. You need to consider applications that work perfectly well over Ethernet or broadband, which need to work equally well over 4G should the primary network fail. You also need to consider the cost of using 4G data should the primary network fail and the ongoing cost of a 4G solution that no one is using whilst the primary connection is stable.


Need Fixed IP or L2TP?

Many MSPs require one or more Fixed IP addresses on their SIMs. ISPs often require SIMs to be using L2TP so they can control the IP addressing and routing. Jola can supply both.


Jola provides a wide range of mobile data SIM cards suitable for mobile broadband routers and even has its own range of intelligent connectivity solutions, which arrive plug and play. We manage SIM estates in Mobile Manager, giving partners complete visibility and control over their SIM estates. We have the option to share data as well as add bolt-ons to avoid data overage charges. Multinetwork SIMs often negate the need for a site survey to see which network has the strongest signal, as they are unsteered and multinetwork.

We also provide presales consultation to understand requirements in depth to create bespoke 4G backup solutions, which may require private connectivity or need to support specific applications.

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