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The Internet Connectivity Tipping Point

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 18-Nov-2016 10:31:42

We have been talking for years about the tipping point. That point in time when internet connectivity is fast enough, cheap enough and reliable enough for organisations to benefit from the cloud. Jola’s experience has been that many SMEs are still struggling with broadband and this is inhibiting their adoption of cloud services. Superfast broadband and dedicated circuits for businesses are now available at around 20% of the cost of traditional leased lines.

UK SMEs are lagging behind when it comes to the adoption of ‘The Cloud’ when their only way of accessing critical applications and data is over an unpredictable, insecure, best-efforts broadband circuit. If SMEs are dissatisfied with their internet connection when it is being used for web browsing and email, they are unlikely to run their telephone system, accounts packages and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems over it too.



For most companies their telephone system is there for them to simply make and receive calls. As long as it doesn’t break down (which they rarely do) they can be unaware of the operational and cost advantages of a cloud-based system. More importantly no SME is going to try and run their telephone system over standard broadband and most perceive the alternative, dedicated Ethernet leased lines, to be too expensive.

So what’s the answer?

By upgrading internet connections to more reliable technologies such as FTTC and Fibre Ethernet, trusted providers are in a good position to upsell hosted services such as hosted telephony with a powerful proposition. Suppliers are able to solve multiple issues, significantly enhance functionality and reduce costs with one proposal.

Jola is an experienced provider of internet connectivity, hosted telephony and mobile solutions to the voice and data channel. To find out more…

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