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The Hosted Voice Opportunity

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 04-Jul-2018 10:32:28

Ofcom estimates that there are 2.1 million ISDN30 channels and 0.87 million ISDN2 business channels in the UK. Openreach has begun its consultation with ISPs on the planned withdrawal of ISDN services by 2025. This is a huge opportunity for the voice and data channel.

How can my customers benefit from VoIP?

VoIP offers more features than traditional phone systems, such as mobile apps and is plug-and-play at any location with a reliable internet connection. It is more cost-effective, as many packages come with inclusive minutes to UK landlines and UK mobiles. It is really flexible, as you can pay per seat on 30-day terms, adding and cancelling seats as required. It is easy to manage, via an online portal and has disaster recovery, so if your broadband goes down, calls can be diverted to mobiles.

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How can I benefit from VoIP?

Many telecommunications and IT companies earn healthy recurring revenues from hosted voice. They benefit from increased ARPU and decreased churn.

How do I go about adding VoIP services to my portfolio?

Step 1

Partner with a hosted voice provider, one that meets your specific requirements. Research the market to see who has the broadest offering at the best pricing. What price do you need to sell at to win new business? What margin do you need to make to cover costs? Can you support and bill new services in-house? Who do you trust with your customers? When you have a selected a partner, get trained up on the solution.

Step 2

Add the product to your website, marketing materials and communications. Train your sales staff and engineers to uncover opportunities onsite, with product information to hand.

Step 3

Promote your success. This may lead to new customers, who may also take your core services and help to grow the value of your business.

Jola is a leading supplier of hosted voice solutions to the voice and data channel. We offer Broadsoft packages with inclusive calls and the latest Polycom handsets. We include 45 key features as standard and a range of cost-effective add-ons, such as call recording and wall boarding. To find out more…

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