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Self-Serve Private APN for ISPs

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 21-May-2019 14:00:02

There are over 200 ISPs in the UK with their own backbone network, but thousands more selling internet services to business customers. End users buy predominately on price and demand a good service from sales, through provisioning to support.

Innovative ISPs are looking for new revenue streams and ways to differentiate their services from the competition. 4G failover is not new, however there are new ways of providing the service to increase resilience, control and security.

ISPs selling Ethernet services with 4G fail-over use private APNs to ensure seamless failover, when connectivity via the primary circuit fails. The issue with setting up private APNs is often the cost, the lead-time and the lack of direct control.

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Jola is the first channel mobile supplier to launch self-service Private APN on Mobile Manager. Products are available to order, provision and modify SIMs within Mobile Manager, Jola’s SIM management portal. ISPs can set alerts, run reports and monitor usage directly from the portal.

Until now only the MNOs could provide private APNs and there was no white label portal to manage orders. Jola is seeing an exponential rise in demand for mobile solutions and security is at the forefront of requirements. ISPs want the ability to create and manage their own secure, Private APN and Mobile Manager allows them to do just that.

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