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Pooled Data

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 23-Jul-2019 13:12:51

Pooled Data

Pooled data is the ability to have 4G data shared across more than one associated SIM card. Pooled data plans allow unused data from low users to be gifted to high users, to help negate overage charges.

What types of pools are available?

Fixed pools are available for resellers who know how much data they need for their customer. Their monthly data usage is predictable, and the customer wants to pay for an amount of data each month, which can be shared across multiple users.

Aggregated pools are available for resellers whose customer’s SIM estates are growing or shrinking. The pool increases or decreases every time a data SIM is added or removed.

Buffer pools are available to help negate overage charges at an account and network level. Resellers need to buy separate buffer pools for each carrier network; however, they can use the buffer to negate any overage charge from that carrier in their estate. It reduces the data overage cost significantly.



Jola is the leading supplier of mobile data SIMs to the channel. We are the ‘anti-bill shock’ company and introduced a white label management SIM portal called Mobile Manager, to help the channel control data usage and eliminate bill shock.

Our partners win more 4G data opportunities, by analysing customer data usage and proposing competitive and flexible solutions. Resellers can set up data pools themselves, assign or remove SIMs from pools, and protect customers from high data overage costs, using alerts and Buffer Pools.

To find out more, request our partner pack.


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