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Metering Opportunities

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 08-Dec-2021 16:42:48

As water management systems age and infrastructures are updated, utility companies consider long-range remote meter systems. By connecting water meters, utility companies eliminate the need for onsite meter readings, saving time and often improving customer satisfaction.


Dispatching staff to manually read water meters is both time-consuming and a logistical challenge. Reductions in manpower, fuel and vehicle maintenance costs add up to significant savings for utility companies switching to smart water meters.

Nonconnected water meters take point-in-time readings periodically, therefore providing a fairly limited amount of data about water usage patterns. Smart water meters give companies access to a continuous stream of real-time information about water consumption.

Smart water meters also provide utility companies real-time alerts regarding outages, pipeline failures and leaks. This additional information allows companies to engage in early or preventative maintenance, identifying problems before they worsen and become more costly. Water management information can be stored in the cloud, accessible via web-based dashboards, making data gathering and analysis simple and efficient.

Specialists rolling out smart meters need reliable 4G connectivity they can manage, which will continue to perform as long as the devices are deployed.

Jola helps MSPs and specialists uncover metering opportunities within their bases and offers the widest range of mobile data SIMs from multiple suppliers, which are easy to order and manage via Mobile Manager.  

Mobile Manager

Mobile Manager is our online management portal for ordering and managing estates of SIMs. This white-label portal communicates in real time with 4G networks and can be used by both resellers and their end users. Mobile Manager handles SIM activations, ceases, suspensions, reports, alerts and bolt-ons.

If you have a requirement for 4G data for smart meters, or want to find out more, request our Partner Pack.

Request our partner pack

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