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M2M and IoT in Manufacturing

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 21-Jan-2019 15:32:35

M2M and IoT have created smart factories in the manufacturing industry. This is having a positive impact on productivity and profitability alike. As the cost of smart sensors has reduced, the use of them for gathering information on factory floors has increased.

According to a recent McKinsey study, the greatest value from IoT for manufacturers will be in operations optimisation, making the various processes within the factory more efficient. This includes using sensors, rather than human judgment to adjust the performance of machinery and data collection from production to amend processes. Essentially, by remotely tracking and monitoring machinery, output can be optimised, and downtime avoided, reducing costs.


Using sensor technology, manufacturers can track serialised and non-serialised components as they are received, warehoused and used to construct sub-assemblies and finished goods. Traceability of raw materials/parts is essential and new technologies are being engaged to track them from goods-in right through the manufacturing process to goods-out.

Monitoring can help reduce costs in inventory, ordering raw materials/parts on demand on a just-in-time basis. Pulling relevant data into one single piece of software can help factory management create a dashboard of key measures right across core processes.


Jola provides partners with customers in manufacturing a wide range of 4G packages, controlled within Mobile Manager. 

Mobile Manager

Mobile Manager is our unique white label ordering and management portal for large estates of SIMs, anywhere in the world. Within Mobile Manager, partners can place new orders for SIMs from all the major networks, process activations, ceases, suspensions, SIM swaps and add bolt-ons. They can also run reports and set-up alerts.

If you have customers looking for cost-effective, data packages for sensors, M2M and IoT solutions in manufacturing, request our partner pack.

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