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Jola launches Regional Zoned SIP Channels

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 16-Aug-2023 14:38:28

Channel partners are increasing their reach internationally and demand for numbers over multiple geographies, requiring separate SIP trunks for each country is increasing. This setup often leads to increased costs and complexity for both resellers and end-users. Jola has developed Regional Zoned SIP Channels to eliminate this problem with a fixed fee to protect monthly recurring margins.


Regional Zoned SIP Channels allow resellers to purchase two-way numbers with no per-minute inbound costs. Resellers simply buy the number of channels needed to cover multiple countries. Each zone represents a group of countries and means resellers can buy an aggregated channel for a zone in SIP Manager. Zones are stacked, so Zone 2 includes the countries of Zone 1.


Adrian Sunderland, Jola’s CTO says, “Resellers servicing multi-national businesses often need numbers to cover multiple geographies, such as well-known retailers, manufacturers and gas and oil companies. Our new proposition is available in SIP Manager, so resellers have complete control over their channels as well as their margins.”

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