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How to sell mobile data

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 31-Aug-2022 15:27:38

According to McKinsey, revenues from mobile data are set to increase dramatically over the next five years. Factors driving growth are the availability, speed and reliability of 4G, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). The opportunity for the channel is significant, but many partners do not know where to start.

Jola has over 1000 partners successfully selling mobile data. We have productised our unique process and called it The Mobile-Data Revenue Generator (The MRG). The process helps partners to identify low-hanging fruit and win their first significant mobile data opportunity.

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Step 1 – are you ready to sell mobile data?

Taking the time to answer these questions will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Ask yourself:

  • What do you sell most of?
  • Who do you sell to? (How many customers do you have, how big are they, what sectors do they work in?)
  • How many salespeople do you have?
  • Do they sell recurring revenue products?
  • Can you bill CDRs?
  • Can you support mobile data?
  • Do you currently sell mobile data?
  • Why? / Why not?
  • Why now?
  • Who do you buy from?
  • What do you like about them?
  • Why did you choose them?

Step 2 – what do you need to get ready for mobile data?

Think about

  • Choosing a trusted channel supplier
  • Pricing, Ordering, Provisioning, Management, Billing, Support
  • Commission plans for salespeople
  • Help with materials, productisation
  • Training

Step 3 – who am I selling mobile data to?

Knowing your target audience is key here. Adding a product to your website and hoping for leads is not going to cut it in today’s competitive market. You need to know where the deals are you can win. Where do you have the advantage? Start with your existing customer base. What do they buy most of from you?  What else could they be buying from you? Ask the questions:

  • Do you currently buy mobile data?
  • Who from?
  • What do you use mobile data for?
  • How many SIMs do you buy?
  • How much data do you use?
  • How do you manage SIM estates?
  • Why/how did you select your current supplier?
  • Do you have any issues?

Where do you start?

There are a few strategies to consider:

Work through your customer list from

  • highest to lowest spend
  • by highest to lowest employees
  • by market vertical

What next?

Jola will help you uncover requirements with immediate requirements for mobile data SIMs. We will help develop unique solutions to existing issues, they can't buy from anyone else at a competitive price for them and margin for you. We are channel-only so by helping you fill your pipeline we are filling our own and can help pitch and close big deals. We are on hand to support you and your customer throughout the buying process and post-sale and can help you use this winning proposition to target and win similar deals.

We offer partners a unique process called The Mobile-Data Revenue Generator which defines the way we work with the channel to qualify opportunities, capabilities and skills. We help our partners to focus on large opportunities and ultimately win large, high-margin long-term contracts.

 About Jola

Jola is an award-winning, channel-only supplier of business communications specialising in mobile data SIMs. We are a global eSIM MVNO, providing innovative IoT and mobile data solutions to MSPs, ISPs, IT support companies and telecommunications resellers.

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