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How new products become part of the portfolio

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 06-Oct-2016 09:27:30

Some business owners in the voice and data channel are on the lookout for complimentary, often recurring revenue streams, to help grow their business. Traditionally these companies have looked for new products high in demand with excellent growth potential and sales and marketing support.

Others, particularly in the data channel take a more reactive approach. Trusted by their customers, IT specialists are led by customer demand and approach new services as solutions to problems. One product does not suit all and the range of solutions available and recommendations from peers become important factors when considering a new supplier.

Typically, a conversation takes place internally to agree to proceed and recommended suppliers are interviewed. Commercials are then agreed with the winning provider and solutions are quoted. If the deal is won, the companies work together to install and support the solution throughout the lifetime of the contract.

Recommendations from trusted sources are essential, as so much is as stake on this first order. If it works, the customer often becomes a reference site and the product becomes part of the portfolio. 


In every case, companies are looking for experienced suppliers with keen pricing who they can trust with a valued customer to understand their requirements and deliver their part of the overall solution. It is often a quick learning curve for all involved and building a partnership that works for all parties is key to ensuring the best customer experience.

Jola is a trusted supplier of internet connectivity, hosted telephony and mobile solutions to a growing channel of voice and data partners. We offer both dealer and reseller models, so partners can choose exactly the level of involvement they need.

Many of our dealers prefer to forward opportunities to us to follow up and share half the margin. Other dealers take us with them to meetings and use our co-branded quoting and ordering tool for customer orders. Some of our resellers prefer to create their own bespoke solutions placing orders via our portal and managing their customer directly.

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