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How can partners best expand their cloud footprint?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 18-Nov-2016 12:46:54

Step 1 - Provide the internet connectivity

In our experience whoever quotes the customer first for connectivity is three times more likely to win the business. 95% of SMEs go with the cheapest quote as they see internet connectivity as a commodity. Jola’s strategy is to help partners win the connectivity business. We have a pricing tool which resellers and dealers can access from their mobile in customer meetings to retrieve information on what is available and the best price in minutes.

Leased line contracts tend to be on three-year deals, which brings in recurring revenues over that timeframe and the ability to upsell cloud-hosted applications like voice.

Step 2 – Provide the knowledge and experience

When the customer is ready to consider their first cloud applications, hosted CRM, hosted telephony etc. they will turn to their trusted advisor. IT and telecommunications partners who have the knowledge and experience as well as range of products and services to help them make the right choice.

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Step 3 – Demonstrate the OPEX benefits

Paying monthly by the seat works really well for start-ups and growing businesses as no major capital outlay is required. This helps resellers and dealers too, as revenues and commissions are recurring and more predictable than lumpy revenues. This helps with cash flow management. Trusted advisors who can demonstrate real business value and a significant cost reduction, are more likely to win the business.

To find out more about expanding your cloud footprint, internet connectivity or cloud-hosted applications such as hosted telephony, contact Jola.

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