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Grow your revenues with the Jola Partner Programme

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 11-Oct-2016 17:36:24

About Jola

Jola is a channel-only supplier of internet connectivity, hosted telephony and mobile solutions to UK SMEs, via a channel of IT and telecommunications partners. Our mission is to sell ‘with’ rather than ‘to’ partners, with the objective of finding the right solutions for their clients. Our vision is to provide as much automation as possible to allow partners to quote, order and manage solutions via easy-to-navigate online portals. We offer monthly training webinars to all partners and experienced 24/7/365 technical support.

Reseller or Dealer?

We operate two partner programmes and you can choose the right one for you and the products you sell. Some of our partners are both reseller and dealer e.g. they may be a dealer for JolaNet where they do not have the 24/7/365 resources to manage 36-month leased line contracts on their own; and reseller for JolaPhone where they can support monthly rolling hosted telephony within working hours.




This is where you are our customer and Jola is often invisible to your customers. You have the responsibility for setting the prices with your customers and installing and supporting the products you sell to them. Jola provides second and third line support but we do not communicate directly with your customers. You will also bill your customers and bear the credit risk. There are a number of white-label services we offer resellers like pre-sales support, internal cabling, installation and training.


This is where your customer contracts with Jola and we pay you a commission. Everything we sell carries commission both once-off and monthly recurring. We expose our cost for each product to you and you decide the price you want to sell to your customer at. We then split the margin 50/50. There is always a minimum retail price and sometimes a recommended, but never a maximum. We are registered with the HMRC for self-billing which means that once you have signed the form you don’t need to worry about invoicing us each month or chasing commission payments – it all happens automatically. With the dealer model you have as much involvement as you want. Many of our partners include a charge for Jola products in their support contracts and encourage customers to contact them first. Some simply provide us with warm introductions to their customers and we do everything else. Either way we will never compete with you and you can trust us to treat you and your customers fairly, with customer service a priority.

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