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Going up against the mobile carriers

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 17-Jul-2019 11:29:28

Resellers selling voice and data SIMs to businesses often find themselves up against the carriers directly. How do they compete?


Compare and contrast

They gather as much information as they can on the competition. If they have a good relationship with the customer, they may obtain details about the exact deal they are up against. By analysing the customer’s bill, existing requirements and competitive offer, they pitch a customised deal with an edge.

Offer a mix of networks

Some customers have a network preference, but some networks are stronger than others in particular areas. Users also have a preference. Offering a mix of networks rather than the single network offering from the carrier, can be powerful.

Contract terms

Often the carriers demand longer contract terms. More flexible contract terms can sometimes be the difference to clinch the deal.


Jola partners have access to packages from all the major mobile carriers. Our competitive packages are designed to help partners win against the carriers with a differentiated offering. By analysing usage, resellers may be able to pitch pooled data options to allow the high users to use the low users unused data allowance. Jola provides partners with the ability to manage, monitor and share data across SIM estates saving customers thousands of pounds in data overages each month. We offer 30 day terms on all our mobile products.

Management portal

The ability to control data usage, set-up alerts and avoid bill shock can often sway a decision favourably. Jola provides partners with the tools to eliminate bill shock completely, which is a compelling differentiator. We have a strong channel-only mobile proposition which includes, Vodafone and O2 voice and data, Vodafone, O2 and EE data only packages, fixed IP,  EE and multi-network M2M, roaming SIMs, with more networks and unique products in the pipeline.

To find out more about Jola, Mobile Manager and our mobile proposition, request our Partner Pack.

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