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Posted by Cherie Howlett on 03-Oct-2018 14:18:51

There are two types of partners that sign up with Jola for mobile data SIMs. The first already has an opportunity and needs a supplier to help fulfil the data SIM element, the second has been impressed by the products, pricing and portals and is enthusiastic about growing a new revenue stream.


Experienced Partners

Partners with existing opportunities often have strong relationships with their clients. Although they may not already offer data SIM solutions, they are trusted advisors and capable of sourcing the elements they need to build and roll out solutions. These partners are looking for a solution to a data problem. They need a partner to quickly understand the problem, pose a cost-effective solution and help them to win their bid. This often involves pre-sales and product development, to create a tailored solution to displace an incumbent.

New Partners

For new partners selling mobile for the first time, they want to understand the products, and pricing, but more importantly the opportunity. Partners with a large connectivity base, often start by offering 4G back-up solutions and temporary Ethernet solutions. Many can already see how the product would meet the needs of their audience and package it accordingly. In the building industry and in retail, many partners have packaged temporary 4G internet connectivity solutions, with phone systems and IT support, benefitting from our 30-day terms.

Successful partners produce case studies and reference sites to help to build a pipeline of similar opportunities.

Jola is a wholesale provider of 4G data, hosted telephony and internet connectivity with a range of unique ordering and management portals. If you have an interest in providing unique 4G solutions using cost-effective data SIMs, request our Partner Pack.

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