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Evaluating Suppliers

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 11-Feb-2020 12:17:30

As a reseller you have a wide range of wholesale suppliers available to you for hosted voice, internet connectivity and mobile data. How do you ensure you pick the right supplier that meets your needs today and as your company grows?



Many resellers start with products. They have demand for particular products and research the market to see who can deliver products that match their customers’ exact requirements. It is worth spending the time evaluating products, as many can seem similar on the surface but quite different in reality. Unique products and services can give you competitive advantage and help you to win new business against well-known brand names.


You need to buy at the right price to make healthy margins and still win the business. Buying well can help you to be competitive and win in price-sensitive markets.


You need to be in control over the provisioning and management of your services to be able to provide a good service to your customers. Having a portal which allows you to manage your estate is essential, with full training provided.


Having a named person, you can pick up the phone to and get information from is important, especially when supporting unique products and bespoke solutions. Ideally you want to be able to download white label documentation from a portal, as well as refer to articles and guides you can brand.


Having the right level of support in sales, provisioning, technical support and billing is important. Knowing queries will be answered quickly and issues resolved to your satisfaction is critical. It is even more important when there is an issue to know exactly what is happening, why it happened, what is being done about it and when usual service will resume. This improves your communication to your customers, helps stem an influx of calls and maintains the trust of your customer base.

Performance Indicators

In the channel, how quickly phones are answered, how well queries are responded to and whether you would recommend them a supplier, are key performance indicators. Ask about KPIs and request results to understand how well the business responds to the needs of their partners, before signing up.


Jola is a global eSIM MVNO formed in 2014, that sells exclusively through channel. According to Megabuyte, Jola is the fastest growing and most successful telecommunications company in the UK. Among Jola’s 600+ channel partners are well known ISPs and MSPs, serving blue chip enterprises with sites worldwide. Jola is a leading supplier of specialist mobile data products to the growing IoT and M2M sectors. 97.73% of our tickets are responded to within SLA. 98% of calls into Jola are answered within 10 seconds and all of our missed calls are called back daily. 96% of our partners would recommend us. To find out more, request our partner pack.

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