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Digital Signage powered by 4G

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 29-Sep-2022 12:23:21

The advertising world has changed dramatically in the last 20 years with social media platforms competing directly with traditional media companies, forcing them to innovate to survive. One of the biggest transformations is in digital signage, which is now one of the fastest growing media markets in the world.

However digital signage has its own challenges. Interactive signs need to be updated remotely with software and messages but often connecting them to a fixed internet connection is impractical and expensive. Where they use 4G/5G, the network has to prevent anyone hacking into the devices as well as protect them from DDOS attacks, which would take them offline.

The routers containing the SIMs must be robust, secure and capable of being provisioned and reconfigured remotely.

digital signage

Jola’s Solution

We invented an intelligent 4G solution for digital signage, which arrives ‘plug-and-play’ at the customer’s site. It will work anywhere with an electrical socket, can be managed remotely via a portal and is protected from threats at both device and network levels.

Un-steered multi-network SIMs negate the need for expensive site surveys as they connect to the strongest signal and switch automatically if the primary network becomes unavailable.

 The Opportunity

  • Connectivity for digital advertising boards in the UK
  • Scalability, reliability and ability to deploy rapidly across the country
  • Control and ease of connectivity management

 The Solution 

  • Robustel R1510, preconfigured with device security
  • Aggregated 2GB MultiNet SIMs

 The Outcome

  • Dramatically reduced operational overheads
  • Great support from Jola development team in building the bespoke configuration
  • Reduced costs, increased revenue, improved margin
  • Complete control over the SIM estate via Mobile Manager®


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