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Building a mobile data proposition

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 14-Jun-2023 18:49:41

Demand for faster, more reliable internet connectivity has never been higher for business users. Companies are turning to mobile data solutions for both interim and longer-term solutions, as they can provide faster speeds and be installed very quickly. This provides opportunities for trusted suppliers.

Jola partners differentiate themselves by offering bespoke solutions for different vertical markets such as secure, intelligent 4G and 5G solutions for digital signage. They are plug-and-play, will work anywhere with an electrical socket and are protected from hackers.


MSPs save money on surveys, as they use un-steered multi-network SIMs which will connect to the strongest mobile signal. They can be rapidly deployed to multiple sites globally and will arrive pre-configured with the Jola App, allowing auto-configuration. There is no need for manual configuration on site, saving valuable time and set-up costs.

With technologies being switched off (PSTN, ISDN, 3G) and the current economic climate, demand for cost-effective, managed mobile data solutions from the channel, has never been so high. There are solutions such as lift lines and alarm lines where fixed line connectivity is impractical and 4G/5G is much faster and cheaper to deploy.

Hotels and care homes are replacing single phone lines with managed 4G and 5G solutions and other single PSTN applications like lifts, alarm lines and door entry systems are following suit. There is a need for temporary WiFi for construction sites and fixed IP SIMs for CCTV cameras. Multi-Net SIMs are required for ANPR cameras, wearables and tracking devices. 3G SIMs in thousands of devices from fixed line backup to street signs need to be replaced. The list goes on, and the opportunity for the channel is massive. 

There is huge demand from businesses for unlimited SIMs for mobile phones, tablets, routers and smart devices. Jola’s Three Business Unlimited SIMs combine the UK’s best 5G network with price points which allow resellers to make substantial recurring margins.

Jola is helping channel partners uncover prospects with immediate requirements for mobile data SIMs. We help develop unique and differentiated solutions that partners can't buy from anyone else, at competitive prices, facilitating healthy margins. We are channel-only so partners can trust us to help them pitch and close deals. We are on hand to support partners and their customers throughout the buying process and we can help create winning propositions, producing large, high-margin long-term contracts. 

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