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Adding internet connectivity to your portfolio?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 10-Feb-2016 12:56:56

Do you have customers that need a better internet connection to manage their office applications? Have you thought about recommending or even supplying more reliable internet connectivity?

Ever been put off by;

  • Dealing with the major carriers directly?
  • Coverage by single suppliers?
  • Time it takes to get a quote from multiple carriers?
  • Lead times?
  • Engineer fails?

It can be time-consuming and difficult establishing a relationship with the carriers directly and being a small business you can often feel like your query is not being dealt with as a priority. Trying to find out what services are available from which carriers in each location and then comparing options can also be confusing.


Some internet orders are straightforward but others can be less so due to the location, access points, cable available and the need for wayleaves or the landlord's permission.

Some engineers are brilliant and do everything in their power to make a circuit live but others are less helpful. The same can be said for technical support agents where the service can be a little hit and miss - not ideal when your end customer is relying on you for a fix.

So what can be done about it?

By partnering with a multi-carrier supplier like Jola, the hard work establishing relationships with the carriers has already been done. Integration with carrier pricing tools and provisioning systems is set up and by logging onto the Jola pricing tool with a single postcode you can see prices for all circuits available in that location from all the suppliers.

Jola is experienced in selling both complex MPLS data networks and Internet access. We all worked together at the UK’s first ISP Griffin Internet for many years and we have years of statistics on lead times, install times and expected levels of service. We can advise you on the best connection for your client.

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