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4 reasons to sell fibre broadband

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 25-Aug-2015 13:28:00

1 - Your customers want faster broadband - why not get it from you?

The first company to deliver internet connectivity into a business will often retain that customer as they upgrade their connectivity and move into hosted applications. If you are a business supporting SMEs, internet connectivity is a great first product and a good platform to upsell additional services from.


2 - The market is converging

Telecoms companies are selling internet services and offering IT support. IT companies are starting to sell telecommunications over IP. SMEs are realising the cost benefits of running one network for voice and data instead of two. This cannot be achieved without a reliable, fast internet connection.

3 - Earn regular recurring revenues

Contract terms on connectivity range from 12 months to 60 months and, although hosted seats can usually be flexed up and down on a monthly basis, 36 agreement terms are common. You have the choice of billing the customer in your own name or receiving a 50/50 margin share commission.

4 – Much improved experience

Some IT Support companies that have dabbled with calls and lines in the past have found the process problematic and suppliers unsupportive. IP connectivity is now much closer to the technology of your core products and specialist channel companies like Jola have built a reputation on automation of processes and support to make Internet access and cloud voice easy add-ons to your current portfolio.

There are many more reasons to provide your customers their access to the Internet. Want to find out more?

Jola are an experienced channel-focussed business communications supplier. We have access to IP connectivity from all the major carriers with an easy to use quoting tool.

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