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Why provide the data connection?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 01-Feb-2017 16:19:33

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10 years ago we saw demand for white label managed broadband. Traditional telecommunications providers decided to sell own-branded internet connectivity. Their objective was often to win future hosted telephony business running over their data connection. They were billing and supporting new revenue streams, increasing ARPU and the potential value of their companies.

Today we are seeing the same trend with managed mobile data. IT companies are adding fixed and mobile data connectivity to their portfolios to act as a conduit for the sale of hosted services. Their objective is to support devices and applications connected to the internet.


4G routers are being used as primary connections where broadband service is poor but also for pre-Ethernet connectivity and Ethernet back-up. Mobile data SIMs are being fitted in many gaming machines, vending machines, monitoring devices, sensors and ATMs as standard. Every day manufacturers and service companies are finding new uses for mobile data and as we accelerate towards 5G this is unlikely to slow down.

SMEs are demanding faster, more competitive access to the internet, whether that be wired, wireless or 4G. Services are viewed as a commodity so businesses want to know what is available at what speed and who has the best deal. Partnering with companies who have multi-carrier quoting tools and experience working with the carriers, is essential to winning the business.

Mobile data

Mobile data has its own unique set of challenges. Managing usage is essential to avoid bill shock. Partnering with companies that have portals to allow you to manage vast estates of data SIMs at a touch of a button, will help to grow this revenue stream.



The Jola team ran an ISP for over 10 years and has close relationships with all the major carriers of internet connectivity. Jola now manages over 20,000 SIMs worldwide. To find out how we can help you provide data connectivity to your customer base….

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