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Why are builders using JolaMobile for SIM-only services?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 20-Jan-2015 15:21:00

On a building site having the latest smart phone is less important than having something that works and can survive the environment, however builders still need a good and cost effective mobile service.

Instead of upgrading at the end of their mobile contract they are looking to reduce the bill, now the original handsets have been paid for, and not sign another contract term.


House builders are turning to JolaMobile for a SIM-only contract on Vodafone to get:

  • 500 standard UK minutes
  • 500 texts
  • 500MB data (4G for free)
  • 30 day rolling contracts
  • For as little as ¬£9.50 a month supported by Jola.

Do you have builders as customers? Could they benefit from JolaMobile? Jola can help you help your customers and earn good recurring margin at the same time.

To find out more about JolaMobile download our guide:

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