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Moving office? Choose JolaPhone for hosted telephony.

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 20-Jan-2015 14:55:40

When moving premises there is so much to think about but perhaps the most important thing to ensure is that your customers can still find you. If you are moving offices in a hurry you need a telephone system with a proven track record that can be delivered quickly.

moving fast

Companies moving office in a hurry are turning to JolaPhone because:

1. Number porting and new numbers can be arranged quickly

2. Phone systems and handsets can be ordered, configured centrally and shipped to site within 24 hours.

3. The system can be accessed using the latest handsets, soft phones or a standard mobile phone. You can make and receive calls from anywhere.

4. If you move again you can just unplug the phones and plug them in at your new location. There is no waste, no box to move and no re-installation fee.

Do you have customers looking to move locations in a hurry? Could they benefit from JolaPhone? If so partner with Jola and earn new recurring revenue streams. To find out more download our guide.

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