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Why are recruitment agents using hosted voice?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 27-Mar-2015 13:24:53

According to the Recruitment Industry Trends survey the recruitment industry generated £28.7 billion turnover last year a rise of 8.2% on the previous year. 91% comes from temporary contracts, which I thought was a sign of the times. The industry is growing and looking to hosted voice to support this growth, but why?


One of our customers is a national recruitment company in growth. They are buying up smaller recruitment offices and rebranding them to increase their national reach and customer base on both the employer client side. They contacted Jola with the problem of managing multiple phone systems and numbers with a vision to have one phone system but to retain their numbers.

We started by looking at their existing phone system and replaced it with JolaPhone, a hosted solution, where you rent on a per month per extension basis. As new acquisitions completed we were able to take out their phone system and add new extensions in the new location.

The customer now had one system which they could add new extensions to and port existing numbers to. All calls between the sites were free and no calls were lost as numbers were ported. Staff had the latest handsets and could refer to one directory and transfer calls as if in the same site.

If you have customers looking to acquire new companies and are not sure how to manage the phone system contact Jola for a quick quote of their hosted solution. It doesn't cost anything to become a Jola Partner but we could help you to win new business.

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