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Top tips for channel partners launching new products

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 31-Oct-2018 11:20:40

Over the last twelve months Jola has launched on average, one new product a month. This takes a lot of detailed planning to ensure we have the right product, at the right price, which meets the specific needs of our partners and their customers. Once we have launched a new product, we help our partners launch to their customers and measure success against clearly defined targets. We have developed some top tips to help partners with their own launch process as follows.


Step 1 – Know your audience

It is tempting to think that every customer will benefit from your latest new product, but this is rarely the case. We encourage partners to think about problems faced by existing customers, which the new product could solve. We then get more granular in defining the problem and the characteristics of the customers that could benefit. From this we build a list of top prospects.

Step 2 – Plan your communication

Using the information gathered in step one, we encourage partners to define the problem, then simply explain the solution, outlining what the product is, what it does and how it solves the problem. We provide a lot of the basic information, but it is important to tailor the content with specific concerns and relatable solutions. We advise partners to research the competition to understand how their solution is different and promote the differences over and above what is already available. This information gets written up on web sites and incorporated into campaign materials.

Step 3 – Measure your success

It is important to set specific goals upfront and measure regularly against them. There is often initial excitement when a new product is launched, but if prospects are not clearly defined and communications are not well executed, products with great potential are quickly dropped, particularly if any issues arose from the first few orders.

It takes longer than you think for customers to understand their problem and come to you for the solution. Your team need to be convinced of its value and benefit to their customers. By setting goals to train staff, measuring the sales and marketing campaign, as well as setting order and revenue targets, you will have more detailed information to highlight areas to tweak and help you achieve your overall goal.

Jola is a wholesale provider of 4G data for M2M and IoT solutions, hosted telephony and internet connectivity. Our objective is to make it easy and profitable for the channel to sell our services to grow their business. To find out more…

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