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Making copy count

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 30-Jul-2018 15:21:28

When new partners sign up with Jola they visit the partner portal and download our white label materials to update their own. They often then get in touch to share their marketing experience, especially if they did not get the results they had anticipated.

Writing effective advertising copy can be tricky. We advise partners to start by outlining their key messages in a very clear and succinct way. What problem are you solving and how is your solution unique? Avoid exaggerated claims and unnecessary adjectives. How is your message compelling? How is your message engaging? You may have a list of unique products or features but this may not be engaging.

You need to attract attention, generate desire and provoke a reaction. Think carefully about who is reading your message to align the right message with the right audience at the right time. 

If you are targeting MDs, how will your product help to grow their business, cut costs or improve ARPU? How is this solution different from the competition? Where can they learn more? What do you want them to do if they are interested? MDs tend to be short on time, so asking them to read a long web page, white paper, guide or attend a webinar may not work, however offering a quick price comparison may pique their interest.


Adding urgency, helps to generate responses. Consider an offer with an expiry date.

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