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How well do you generate leads?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 25-Jun-2018 15:59:20

Good leads are like gold dust. They are difficult to find, but worth a great deal. How satisfied are you with the leads your organisation generates? You don’t have to invest a small fortune to start a successful lead generation programme.


Jola, like many other wholesalers have a mixture of partners, ranging from large multi-sited organisations to one-man bands. Each have a different view on marketing and how it can impact their business. Companies with sales and marketing teams who share an interest in promoting and selling our services, tend to be the most successful at generating leads. Why is this?

Shared Vision

Both departments understand how Jola products fit into core business strategy. They are both targeted to deliver results and are measured regularly. Roles and responsibilities are clear, marketing engage the target audience and generate leads, sales convert leads and bring in the revenue and marketing promote their success.

 Targeted Approach

The marketing plan is written to help sales deliver revenues. Targets are based on leads and conversions required to achieve revenue targets. Marketing share data with sales, who fill in the gaps and report on current needs and opportunities. Marketing use this information to target low hanging fruit to improve response rates and sales benefit from better conversions. Marketing review notes and actions during the lead follow-up to learn more about competitive products to better position their own services. Marketing also use signed deals to create case studies to help engage similar companies.

Tactical Approach

By sharing targets and working together, the team can generate more leads and encourage more referrals. By being tactical in their approach and measuring against KPIs, the team can track their progress and make improvements.

By incorporating marketing into your sales team, rather than treating it like a separate entity, or something you only need to do for a short time, you can build an effective lead generation programme.

For more advice on how to generate leads, visit our blog. For further information about Jola, request our Partner Pack.

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