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How to sell hosted voice

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 18-May-2017 11:08:07


The global VoIP services market is set to reach £108 billion by 2021, according to a recent report by SMEs are turning to trusted advisors, amongst their current suppliers, for help once they have identified a need.

IT and Telecoms companies are looking for reliable suppliers who can provide not just market-leading solutions at the best possible price, but also support to ensure customer requirements are uncovered and addressed to their satisfaction.


Recommended sales approach

Don’t be tempted to reel off all the features. A good place to start is asking questions. What’s their current situation? How do they currently manage calls?

What problem is the customer trying to solve and are they aware of the problem? What is causing them headaches with their current phone system?

What’s the implication? Agree with the customer what the problems and deficiencies of the current situation are really costing the business.

What’s the need pay-off? How valuable would a different solution be to the business? Can this be quantified?


In our experience customers want to hear about reliability and how they can keep their existing numbers. They want to know how new products will solve existing problems and grow with them. They also want to understand the cost savings.

Many of our partners already use JolaPhone and so are very comfortable using and demonstrating the product. Others invite Jola to customer meetings to demonstrate products in a live environment.

We offer both internal and external Account Managers that are experienced at uncovering problems and proposing solutions. We will come with you to meetings, get on conference calls with customers and help you to create a detailed proposal to meet the specific needs of your customers.

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