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How are security services companies benefiting from the cloud?

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 27-Mar-2015 13:16:07

Security service companies such as home alarm fitters are turning to the cloud to host their phone systems, but why?


Many of these companies are small businesses with less than 10 employees. Sales and maintenance is often done by the same team who are often on the road visiting customers to sell, install or maintain their home alarms. They don't want to lose business by missing calls so they want calls to be forwarded to their mobiles with the ability to transfer calls on the go.

Changing your phone system is not something you consider everyday so tends to come up when you are out of contract or have outgrown your existing system. Changing to a cloud hosted solution can be a cost-saver as calls to landlines and mobiles are free and you rent per line per month for the latest phone system and handsets. You can keep your old numbers and have the ability to transfer calls on your mobile out of the office as if you were at your desk phone in the office. For the security guys you can easily forward calls to relevant parties when out and about yourself so you don't lose any potential business.

Previously calling over the Internet was hit and miss but now with faster more reliable Internet connections you get excellent call quality and coverage and 24/7 UK support. Phones are installed and supported for you.

If you have similar customers in your base and want to help them benefit from the cloud contact Jola to find out more about our Partner Programme. It is free to become a Jola Partner and we could help you to secure new business. To find out more download our guide:

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