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Posted by Cherie Howlett on 15-Apr-2020 14:27:51

Businesses are adapting the way they work to meet changing market conditions. Existing services are being packaged and sold in a new way.

We have seen farm shops and pub kitchens offering home delivery services, and supermarkets offering ‘essential’s boxes’ for those self-isolating. Joe Wicks is offering free P.E lessons for kids on YouTube, which has inspired gyms, dance schools, and music clubs to start charging for lessons on-line.

How are your customers adapting to change?

If principals of your customers are still working, it is important to keep in touch with them and support their changing needs. Send emails, arrange calls or webinars with them. Do they have adequate internet connectivity? Can they run their phone system from home? Do they have the collaboration tools they need to operate effectively from home? Can they access their network and store files securely? Do they need additional devices? Do they need support setting up new online products and services? What new services can you package and sell to support them?


4G for Homeworking

We are seeing huge demand for unlimited data, as businesses are running from home, and families are also sharing the home broadband connection, to shop, stream content and game.

Home broadband is typically slower than the connectivity in the office and applications can be interrupted when other family members are downloading files or streaming. Having a separate unlimited 4G connection for business is a good solution. 4G routers are inexpensive and unlimited data packages are widely available. Are your customers looking for a good unlimited 4G data solution to help their team work more effectively from home?

4G for the Public Sector

Hundreds of thousands of public sector employees are now working from home, with a need to keep data secure. Health professionals are in desperate need of 4G for devices to access patient files remotely when visiting vulnerable patients. For added security, all Jola mobile products are available with fixed IP.

For students without broadband, schools want to send 4G devices to access study materials and keep in touch. Do you serve these markets?

4G in Logistics

Logistics has never been busier. Supermarkets have increased their deliveries to keep up with demand. 4G is required for tracking devices to ensure goods arrive safely and on time. Do your customers need 4G solutions to help track goods delivery?

Direct Routing

2 million new Microsoft Teams licences have been activated in the last three weeks. Do these users need Direct Routing to be able to make and receive local calls outside of Teams? Do they need help routing numbers?


Jola is on hand to support our partners offering training webinars highlighting current opportunities and high recurring revenue products that are easy to sell, bill and support. To find out more, request our Partner Pack.

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