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4G for Digital Signage

Posted by Cherie Howlett on 12-May-2020 11:47:16

In the current climate, demand for digital signage is increasing. Digital signs are being used to help supermarkets remind customers of social distancing measures, and to help improve queuing and in-store buying experiences.

Supermarkets were early adopters of display technology, because signage can be changed quickly, as offers change. The ability to run vivid content, promoting offers appeals to this sector, who are fighting for market share.


Digital signs are being moved outside to help communicate new store restrictions, special opening times and let customers know the estimated wait time. In stores, digital signs are being used to track shopper numbers waiting outside, as well as the number of shoppers in the store at any one time. In staff rooms, digital signs are being used to remind employees of the latest government guidelines, and provide updates on stock levels and any purchase limits currently applied.

Using 4G, digital signs can be placed where they are needed without relying upon the availability of fixed broadband connections. 


Jola offers a wide range of 4G SIM tariffs suitable for digital signage. Our SIMs are available on 30-day terms. Fixed IP, Private APN and pooled data options are available. We partner with MSPs and Solutions Providers to provide the right package for their solution.


Our SIMs are activated, monitored and provisioned within Mobile Manager. Partners set up data usage alerts and have the ability to add bolt-ons and use data pools to avoid bill shock. To find out more, request our Partner Pack.

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